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Behind the Scenes Videos

Fun videos showing what goes on behind the scenes at real pet photography sessions!
Behind the Scenes with Ben and Juniper

With Charlotte Reeves

Just a fun little "behind the scenes" peek into what goes on at a dog photography session at the beach with two gorgeous pups - Ben the Border Collie and Juniper the Australian Shepherd.

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Taking Amazing Pet Portraits in Bad Weather

With Craig Turner-Bullock

The weather can play havoc with our schedules sometimes, especially when clients expect sun-drenched, backlit, bright and vibrant images. But sometimes, it's good to break the mould and push your creativity in less than ideal circumstances.

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Photographing a Camera Shy Dog

With Charlotte Reeves

This behind the scenes video covers the process Charlotte uses for working with a dog that has an aversion to cameras, to help them overcome their fear and see it as a positive instead!

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Free Pet Photography Guides

In-depth, value-packed pet photography guides direct from the blog.
7 Steps to Capturing Amazing "Run to Me" Dog Action Photos

By Charlotte Reeves

Going beyond just camera settings, these steps are all essential pieces of the puzzle when shooting these awesome "run to me" style action shots, helping you create that one perfect photo to wow your audience!

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13 Elements of Composition for Pet Photographers

By Charlotte Reeves

Taking your photography up a notch means understanding and using some common, but often overlooked, elements of composition. These tips range from the classic rule of thirds to the more obscure.

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The Ultimate Guide to Back Button Focus for Pet Photographers

By Charlotte Reeves

Though not a magical way of getting all your images in perfect focus, using the back button to focus is a technique with many advantages specifically for pet photographers.

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How to Train Your Dog Model in 5 Easy Steps

By Charlotte Reeves

These 5 essential training tips will get you off on the correct foot when starting fresh with a new muse, or back on track with photographing your own dogs!

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8 Tips for Capturing Creative Cat Photos

By Charlotte Reeves

Discover my best tips for successfully capturing amazing shots of cats, working with their individual traits to capture beautiful images focusing on their inherent beauty and unique personalities.

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10 Essential Tips for Beautiful Black Dogs

By Charlotte Reeves

You'll be capturing gorgeous shots of black dogs in no time with these ten handy tips, focusing on lighting, choosing backgrounds and dealing with colour casts.

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12 Tips for Working with Pets and their People

By Charlotte Reeves

There will come a time when you need to photograph your furry subject's humans - knowing what to say, how to pose and what settings to use is vital info that you won't find anywhere else.

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7 Tips for Photographing Puppies

By Charlotte Reeves

As tricky as it can be to obtain great images of dogs, capturing awesome shots of puppies is often even more challenging. Here are my top 7 tips to help you when photographing puppies!

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9 Ways to Rock Your Urban Dog Photography Sessions

By Charlotte Reeves

I take you through super helpful tips for working in busy locations, finding good places to shoot, working with reduced and complex lighting and minimising clutter and distractions.

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Top 8 Tips for Getting Perfect Insta Worthy Pet Pics Everytime

By Craig Turner-Bullock

With most households being home to at least one pet, it’s unsurprising to see the rising popularity of Instagram accounts made specifically for our little friends. Craig has some great tips for taking insta-worthy shots of your pet!

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The Best Lens for Outdoor Natural Light Dog Photography

By Charlotte Reeves

Instead of asking "What's the best lens for dog photography?" - instead consider the question - "What's the MOST USEFUL lens for dog photography?"

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5 Essential Items for Pet Photographers

By Charlotte Reeves

Pet photography is a super specialised field and with that comes specialised equipment and tools of the trade. Find out the five things I just couldn't live without as a professional pet photographer.

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Free Editing Guides

Free guides focusing on developing your pet photography editing skills.
10 Most Common Pet Photography Editing Mistakes

By Charlotte Reeves

After many years of reviewing my student's images during portfolio reviews and critiques, I decided to share the top 10 mistakes I see and also how to fix them.

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10 Tips for Setting Perfect White Balance

By Charlotte Reeves

If you’re like most pet photographers, at some point you’ve struggled with setting the correct white balance of your images in the editing stage. 

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