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Unleashed Education is run by Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock. Contact us directly by visiting our About pages.

Charlotte Reeves

Charlotte is an award-winning Australian pet photographer based in Brisbane. Addicted to creating lightbulb moments for students, Charlotte has been teaching pet photographers through in-person mentoring, online mentoring and workshops since 2013.

She relishes simplifying tricky concepts, and helping people achieve their goals by making the learning fun, practical, and positive.

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Craig Turner-Bullock

Craig has been photographing dogs professionally since 2001. Based in Christchurch, Craig travels across New Zealand and all over the world to capture images that show his subjects true personality in bright and glorious technicolour, for both commercial clients and everyday family dogs.

He loves teaching aspiring and professional pet photographers at workshops, conferences and online.

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Discover how Craig and Charlotte met and decided to join forces to bring you Unleashed Education!


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