Standalone Pet Photography Courses

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Online courses and tutorials covering the art of natural light, outdoor pet photography.

RealShoots™ Complete Course

By Charlotte Reeves

A behind-the-scenes reality show, about dog photography.

Learn how to run an entire dog photo shoot seamlessly, capturing all aspects of a dog’s personality while managing their energy and keeping the owner happy.

Then delve into the editing side with two professionally-produced editing tutorials for each episode.

Includes all ten binge-watchable episodes.

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Sparkle Editing™

By Craig Turner-Bullock

The secret sauce to making your pet photography shine.

Over the past 20 years of photographing pets, Craig has tried, tested and fine-tuned his editing skills to create his own special secret sauce of editing techniques. These techniques, actions, checklists and cheat sheets allow him to streamline his workflow and craft unique show-stopping images that stand out from the crowd.

Craig holds nothing back!

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Working with Natural Light

By Charlotte Reeves

Drastically improve your outdoor dog photos.

The information in this course is essential knowledge for any natural light photographer, but even better, it's presented specifically with pets in mind.

By the end, you'll understand how to let the light guide where and what you decide to shoot during a session, plus what to do when the light changes unexpectedly.

You'll never look at light the same again!

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Find Your Style

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Helping you find your glitter and elevate your craft.

Style isn't just about using a particular lens, shooting in a specific location or using the same editing preset every time. It's about delving deep into what makes you YOU - and revealing that in your unique artistic vision.

In this course you'll learn about mindset, find inspiration, explore your creativity, hone your craft and apply your own brand of glitter to your work.

Helping you to stand out from the crowd!

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