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Take a Look Inside the Sparkle Editing™ Course

editing Apr 09, 2021

by Craig Turner-Bullock

Over the past 20 years of photographing pets, I have tried, tested and fine-tuned my editing skills to create my own special secret sauce of editing techniques that I apply to each and every photograph.

I call this Sparkle Editing™ - the Secret Sauce to Making Your Pet Photography Shine.

These techniques, actions, checklists and cheat sheets allow me to streamline my workflow and craft unique show-stopping (and award-winning!) images that stand out from the crowd.

And I want to share it all with you in a brand spanking new premium course. I'm so excited to give you a sneak peek inside!

Inside the course is over 30 videos, 6 Plug & Play Photoshop Actions for instant sparkle and 5 checklists and cheat sheets to streamline your workflow.

Here is just a snippet of what is covered:
  • My editing workflow and how I create great images every time
  • Watch over my shoulder as I edit an image from start to finish
  • How to remove a dog lead - no one will ever know it was there!
  • How to make a pet’s eyes sparkle with life and personality
  • Enhancing textures of the fur
  • How to make black dogs and white dogs look true to life
  • How to isolate fur with Photoshop masks
  • The crucial finishing touches most photographers ignore
  • How to create your own Signature Editing Sparkle that will make your images sing
There is thousands of dollars of value and more than 20 years of blood, sweat and wayward eye boogers in this comprehensive online course.

I'd love you to join me for Sparkle Editing™ in the Unleashed Education Premium Membership and get your images glistening to their full potential!

If the membership isn't for you, Sparkle Editing™ is available as a stand alone course here.

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