Sparkle Editing™

The Secret Sauce to Making Your Pet Photography Shine 

By Craig Turner-Bullock

How do you deliver flawless pet portraits to your clients every single time?

Easy! By using my Secret Sparkle Sauce!

Hi - Craig here! 👋

Over the past 20 years of photographing pets, I have tried, tested and fine-tuned my editing skills to create my own special secret sauce of editing techniques that I apply to each and every photograph.

I call this Sparkle Editing™ - the Secret Sauce to Making Your Pet Photography Shine.

These techniques, actions, checklists and cheat sheets allow me to streamline my workflow and craft unique show-stopping (and award-winning!) images that stand out from the crowd.

Inside the course is over 30 videos, 6 Plug & Play Photoshop Actions for instant sparkle and 5 checklists and cheat sheets to streamline your workflow.

There is thousands of dollars of value and more than 20 years of blood, sweat and wayward eye boogers in this comprehensive online course.
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"Just started watching the course and it's awesome! So easy to follow and I've learned lots that I'm going to practice, especially masking fur!"

Kelly Russo, Texas USA

Not sure if Sparkle Editing™ is for you?

This should help you decide!


What's included in the course?

  • Introduction

  • Importing Images into Lightroom

  • Culling Images

  • Flags Stars & Colour Labels

  • Basic Adjustments

  • Cleaning Eye Bogies

  • Masking Fur

  • Removing Distractions

  • Clean Slobbery Tongues

  • Correcting White Balance

  • Editing Black Dogs

  • Editing White Dogs

  • Adding Sparkle to the eyes

  • Leash Removal

  • Straightening Horizons

  • Finishing Touches

  • My Editing Workflow

  • Remove Tear Stains

  • Enhancing Fur Texture 

  • Correcting Colour Casts on Fur

  • Head Swaps

  • Making Friends (move closer)

  • Extending Backgrounds

  • Creating and Enhancing Mood

  • Editing Silhouettes

  • Handling Noise

  • Start to Finish Edit

Plus these amazing bonuses!

  • GlitterEyes Photoshop Action

  • SuperFloof Photoshop Action

  • No More Tears Photoshop Action

  • Black Dog/White Dog Photoshop Action

  • Lightroom Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

  • Photoshop Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

  • Editing Checklist

  • Post Production & Your Style video

"I always learn so much from listening to you Craig. I love your Sparkle Editing course. One day I'll have to travel to NZ for a visit!"

Ina Jalil, Canberra Australia

Go ahead, play around with these incredible before and afters!

Full Edit

Leash Removal

Editing White Dogs

Head Swap

Editing Black Dogs

Making Friends

If you need to learn how to do any of these things - don't worry! I have you covered in Sparkle Editing.

  • Improve your editing workflow

  • Remove a dog lead - no one will ever know it was there!

  • Make a pet’s eyes sparkle with life and personality

  • Enhance fur textures

  • Make black dogs and white dogs look true to life

  • Finish off your images to perfection

  • Create your own Signature Editing Sparkle that will make your images sing!

Buy the standalone course now, or join the Unleashed Education Premium Membership for instant access to this, plus a wealth of other pet photography resources!

Sparkle Editing™

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What's included:

  • Instant Lifetime Access

  •  30 high quality step-by-step videos

  • 6 Plug & Play Photoshop Actions for instant sparkle

  • 5 checklists and cheat sheets

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Your Instructor

Craig Turner-Bullock

Craig has been photographing dogs professionally since 2001. Based in Christchurch, Craig travels across New Zealand and all over the world to capture images that show his subjects true personality in bright and glorious technicolour, for both commercial clients and everyday family dogs.

He loves teaching aspiring and professional pet photographers at workshops, conferences and online.

Meet Craig