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Removing a Red Colour Cast in Photoshop

free editing tutorials Mar 06, 2020

By Charlotte Reeves

Have you ever shot with backlight and ended up with flare in your image?

Flare occurs when direct sun hits the end glass element of your lens, and causes the image to be low in contrast, often with a red colour cast in the shadows.

While some flared images are beyond saving, others that are less affected by the flare are possible to save, with a little Photoshop magic! In this video, I share with you my tried and tested method for removing that stubborn red colour cast from the shadows, so common in backlit images exhibiting flare.

And it's so quick and easy that once you know it, you can do it in less than 60 seconds!

Bonus tip

The same thing that causes flare in your image (sun hitting the end of your lens) can also make it very difficult for your camera to find focus. So not only do you end up with a low contrast, poor quality image - it may also be out of focus! Dealing with flare is one of the issues I cover in my course - Working with Natural Light. The course also covers how to shoot in any natural lighting situation - from cloudy to full sun, shade to twilight. Light is everything in photography, so this course is essential pet photography education!

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