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Edit My Photo March 2022 - Fiona

edit my photo free editing tutorials Aug 09, 2022

With Charlotte Reeves

Fiona was the winner of this month’s Edit My Photo challenge in the Unleashed Education community, with her lovely clean but also moody edit of Opal at the seaside.

As the winner of the challenge, Fiona submitted this sunset image of Patsy the gorgeous brindle Boxer on the harbour wall close to sunset. We’ll need to do some work to straighten the image, lighten and sharpen the subject, and bring out the colour and life that’s hiding in the raw file.




0:00 Editing Challenge winner

0:44 The Editing Challenge (How It Works)

1:03 Challenge winner's edit

1:11 Winner's image to edit

1:44 Global Adjustments in Lightroom

3:31 Masking in Lightroom

3:34 Enhancing the subject

5:38 Enhancing the face and head

7:12 Enhancing the sky

8:56 Enhancing the sea

10:29 Global exposure tweak

11:42 Straightening the Horizon in Photoshop

15:27 Fixing Chromatic Aberration in Photoshop

17:24 Selective Sharpening with Topaz Sharpen AI

19:48 Further cleaning up

20:35 Final touches in Lightroom

22:14 Before and After

22:42 Join the Edit My Photo Challenge

It's totally free to join in on our Edit My Photo challenges! If you win, you get to submit one of your images to be edited by Charlotte or Craig, plus you score a 20-minute Lifeline Call on Zoom to discuss the edit or anything else relating to the art of pet photography. Opt in to the free Edit My Photo online hub now!

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