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Head Swapping Puppies!

editing speed edits Apr 27, 2021

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Hands up if you love puppies!

Join me and follow along as I edit this image of Thelma & Louise (I kid you not!) Are they not the most adorable French Bulldog puppies you've ever seen?

When I started this edit I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do but wasn't 100% sure it would work.

One of the puppies faces is quite out of focus, but I didn't want to lose the cuteness of them leaning on each other and that gorgeous ear flopping on the other dogs head. so I found another image I could use as a head swap. It turned out when I started pixel peeping, this wasn't 100% sharp either, but it was significantly better than the original so it was worthwhile making the changes.

You can hear my thoughts on these moments vs the technical side of things in the outro.


0:11 Introduction
0:56 Lightroom Adjustments
1:10 Open images as layers in Photoshop
1:13 Masking head swap
2:00 TIdying up the image
3:00 Content Aware crop
3:11 Adding eye sparkle
3:32 FInishing touches in Lightroom
3:45 Before/After
3:54 Outro - Moments trump the technical

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