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embark top 10 unleashed challenges Jun 14, 2024
Get Down Top 10 June 2024

What if we told you there was one tiny little thing that you could do right now that will dramatically change your dog photography mages forever. This thing that you can change is quick. It's easy. It doesn't require you to spend a single dollar and it will have an immediate impact on how your images look.

Get down lower!

The Get Down challenge is not set to try and get our students down in the mud and dirt, it is because getting a low perspective on the animals you are photographing makes a huge difference in how the image feels, its impact.

Here are our top 10 images from the Get Down challenge. Well done to the photographers.

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Abi Bradbury | Abi B Photography

This moment of action sums up perfectly why getting low is so important: The dog seems so much higher off the ground from this perspective. Perfect moment, lovely colour palette.

Ali Marley | Ali Marley Photography

A fantastic, dynamic action shot that makes the viewer feel as if they're in the thick of it, getting covered in sand. Which is only possible because of the low angle the image was captured at.

Anthea Proudfoot | Malone Photography

A lovely low down wide angle portrait with some great colour harmony and a fantastic expression.

Carol Mudra | Apawture Studios

The low angle has created some really lovely foreground blur with the dark rocks. The unusual pose adds another element of emotion to the image.

Jenny Corban 

The cool tones, grey dog and slightly quirky pose all make this a very engaging image packed with emotion.

Kaori Stewart | Kaori Stewart Photography

Beautiful light and location, the colour harmony is lovely and the dogs expression and pose are very engaging. Plus is taken at the super low angle we wanted to see for this challenge.

Michaela Trujillo | BMAC Pet Photography

This is a very sunny joyous image and the angle of view really pulls you in to this sun drenched moment.

Polona Železnikar

Gorgeous pose and expression which you are drawn to thanks to the leading lines of the mountains. Excellent low angle really drawing us in.

Rachel McCready | Furtographer

A very low angle and a wonderfully whimsical expression in not only the face, but the dogs whole body.

Szekelyi Beatrix

This is a beautifully soft, serene moment and thanks to the low angle, we feel right in that moment with this dog.

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