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The Embark Round begins on November 1, 2021.

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Enrolment closes strictly on October 31, 2021.

Picture this...

You’re heading out to a photo session, feeling confident, inspired and excited.

Tucked away in your brain is an entire library of possible shot ideas, with a solid knowledge of exactly how to create each type of shot.

You'll instinctively know how to find the perfect spot, how to use the light, how to handle the dog and which exposure and focus settings to use - plus what to do when things don’t go according to plan!

This is the outcome we want for you after completing our dog photography Unleashed Challenges. Never again will you stop in the middle of a session, client waiting expectantly, completely out of ideas and struggling to know what to do next.

We’ve put our many years of dog photography experience into creating these world-first interactive dog photography challenges. And for the very first time, we're sharing them with you!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨


"Embark has been phenomenal! If you are wondering if you should enroll, the answer is YES! You'll learn more than you can imagine and have fun doing it."

- Jennifer, USA

How does it work?

The Embark Round is a series of pet photography shooting challenges. The round goes for six months, and includes 12 individual shooting challenges - a new one every two weeks.

We guide you step-by-step through the creation of each shot, with an instructional video featuring behind-the-scenes footage, plenty of real-life examples and stories, a downloadable cheat sheet and daily encouragement and inspiration.

At the end of each two-week challenge, we select the Top 20, Top 10, and winner of the challenge. Our judging session is recorded and shared in the course, so you can watch the feedback we give on every image submitted for the challenge. This has been described by many as the most valuable part of the experience!

Get valuable exposure for your website, blog or social media accounts if your submission is selected for the Top 20 or Top 10 - we share on our socials and blog.

At the end of the six month round, we wrap up with the Unleashed Challenge Awards! A special guest helps us judge all completed image portfolios and we choose an overall winner plus a number of other awards.

There's also a pop-up Facebook group for support, inspiration and feedback from your fellow community.

Improve your skills and get your photo-mojo back with the Embark Round of the Unleashed Challenges!

Included for each of the 12 individual challenges:

  • Introductory video with full instructions for completing the challenge, also available in blog post and podcast-style audio
  • Cheat Sheet PDF download to take on shoots
  • Regular encouragement emails with inspirational images and deadline reminders
  • Easy upload and management of your challenge images
  • Opportunity to be featured on our social media accounts
  • Opportunity to be featured in our Top 20 social media shares, and Top 10 blog post for each individual challenge
  • We record our judging of the Top 10/20 for each challenge, and you can watch the recording for feedback on your submitted image.
  • Badges and certificates for Top 10, Top 20 and challenge winning images

Included in the round:

  • Entry into the final Unleashed Challenge Awards
  • Digital certification when you complete all 12 challenges
  • Membership to the popup Facebook group
  • Graduate to the next round when all 12 challenges are completed!

"I’ve learned so much from participating in the Embark Round and have experimented with my photography more than I ever have before. The challenges have really helped me think more about how I approach each session in order to achieve variety throughout. Charlotte and Craig are always encouraging and constructive with feedback and the Facebook Members group is such a happy place to be. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. "

- Sarah, UK

See the Embark Round shooting challenges!

We can't wait to show you exactly how to shoot these!

"Embark is a brilliantly creative and fun way to upskill the beauty of pet photography and learn new techniques from the best in the business. Charlotte and Craig are supportive, encouraging and convey their insights and knowledge to be successful in these rounds in really clear and easy to follow ways. "

- Yamile, USA

The next round begins soon!

Will you be joining us this round? Enrolment closes strictly on October 31, 2021.

The Embark Round begins on November 1, 2021.










Unleashed Challenges - Embark Round

$397 USD

Included in the round:
  • Round begins on November 1, 2021 and runs until April 30, 2022
  • Lifetime access to comprehensive dog photography educational content
  • Participate in 12 shooting challenges bi-weekly over 6 months, or complete at your own pace
  • Cheat Sheet PDF downloads for each challenge
  • Email support - regular reminder and inspiration emails for each challenge
  • Social media and SEO support - opportunities to be featured on our social channels and blog
  • Personal recorded feedback on all your submitted challenge images from Charlotte and Craig
  • Opportunity to enter the Unleashed Challenge Awards 
  • Digital certification including completion certificates and badges
  • Popup Facebook group membership

Unleashed Education Members receive a $100 discount on the Embark Round, so what are you waiting for? Become a member now!

We'll send you an email with your discount code once you join the membership.

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Blue Amrich

This challenge was exactly the motivation I needed to try new things and improve my skills! I chose to do all of the challenges with my own dog and I had so much fun shooting and playing with him. Now, I have some photos of him that I absolutely love plus new skills to use in the future!

Andrea Fleury

I loved the Embark Challenges!!! They got me out shooting and trying new things. Putting into practice what I'd learned was such a great feeling. I loved being part of a group of other photographers where we were all working on the same things. I tried lots of new things that I hadn't before. The support from Craig and Charlotte was incredible. These challenges could really help you spice things up, push you outside your comfort zone and turn you into a much better photographer. 

Karen Black

Embark forced me to think differently about what I was doing behind the lens. It helped me to
s  l  o  w    d  o w  n
and really think about how I could add more creativity or interest to an image. It was also a great motivator to scout for new locations!

Jacqui Jensen-Roy

Charlotte and Craig have done an incredible job. These challenges will get you out shooting, push you to think hard and try harder, and your photography will improve as a result. You’ll have a whole new set of skills and experiences. The other participants are supportive and the bar is HIGH!  

Michelle Crandall

I am part of several pet photography education groups and nothing has gotten me behind the lens like the Embark Challenge. It is easy to get feedback both from other photographers in the group and Craig and Charlotte. My portfolio has expanded and my skillset has grown more in the past 6 months than in the past 2 years! 

Keri Nakahashi

The Embark Round was an interactive  challenge that pushed me to explore different locations, do something “outside the box” for each challenge, and really focus on my style. I chose to do all 12 challenges with my own dog, so it was very refreshing to just shoot for fun and try new things!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have a lot of questions about exactly how the Embark Round will work, so we’ve put together some answers for you. If your query isn't answered here, please get in touch.




About your teachers

Charlotte and Craig

With 34 years of combined experience as working professional pet photographers (Craig is actually celebrating his 20th year as a pet photographer in 2021), we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. We’ve spent years shooting for both personal and commercial clients, creating award-winning images in the process. We’ve both completed personal projects and have firmly established (but constantly evolving) styles of our own.

We’re not primarily teachers or business people who have decided to teach photography to make money. We’re photographers first, who also share a passion for helping pet photographers around the world to learn, grow and succeed in their chosen field.

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