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Empower 08 Multi Mania Top 10

empower top 10 unleashed challenges Jul 04, 2024
Multi Mania Top 10 July 2024

When we were setting the Empower briefs, we immediately had a multi dog challenge in mind, building on the skills we taught for the Double Trouble challenge in Emerge. After all, who doesn't love groups of dogs (or other pets)?

"Multi Mania" is a portrait challenge so intentional posing and composition are a must and we wanted to see all dogs nicely in focus making sure the plane of focus was correct. In camera captures were encourage, but compositing techniques like head swaps were also allowed.

We were completely blown away (do we sound like broken records at this point?), but truly, one of the most incredible sets of submissions we've EVER seen. 🤯

We reckon a shoot gets about 10x more challenging for every extra animal added into the mix and you all rose to the challenge as always!

So this week we want to extend our congratulations to everyone who submitted for Multi Mania, and of course a special mention to our top 10. Well done everyone.

Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Diane Gollowitzer | Dogs in Focus Photography

There's bags of atmosphere in this shot, thanks to the gorgeous soft light and pastel tones. The depth of the huts behind is lovely and the dogs themselves are beautifully posed and there so much texture brought out in the edit.

Florence Araujo | Peanut & Bean Photo

What a gorgeous group of Vizslas, the 2 older grey faced dogs flanking the pack are delightful! The orangey tones in the fur are pushed to the limit of saturation really making the dogs pop from the misty cool backdrop without it tipping over the edge to over-saturation. 

Heidi Adler | Heidi Adler Photography

There's a lovely sense of place here, with the mountains in behind the truck. A great colour harmony, the green separates the dog from the truck nicely. 

Hope Kuo

There is so much to enjoy in this image, the story telling is excellent, the dogs all look fantastic, and have great expressions, placement is also well thought out. There isa clear spirit of adventure and anticipation of fun times here that is really enjoyable.

Lindsay Baca | Lindsay Baca Photography

This is an exceptionally well crafted image, so much so it almost seems effortless. The detail in each dog is sharp and textural, the colour harmony is gorgeous and the landscape almost mirroring the dogs pack formation is the icing on a delicious cake!

Magda Szklarska | Your Best Furiend Photography

The colours in this image are rendered beautifully, the autumn leaves mimicking some of the tones in the dogs very nicely. The apple crates tie in nicely with the included apples.

Megan Thompson | Megan Thompson Photography

What an atmospheric family portrait of this cat and kittens! The colours, tones and textures are beautiful, and really help those blue eyes stand out.

Nancy Paynter 

What an adorable litter shot, there's so much personality, even when puppies are so young, the little pup standing with paws crossed and tail high is gorgeous!

Rebecca Williams | Rebecca Williams Photographer

What a great bunch of working dogs, the telling here is lovely. The eye contact from the dog on the right almost questioning why they are sitting, begging for work to do! Nicely lit, framed and great colours.

Stephanie Dalman | Boxers and Beer

The cat makes this shot really work well as a shape the is almost a continuation of the negative space then you see the expression. The first dog looking at a slight angle adds a bit of storytelling that shows personality too. It's a creative take on a popular style of creating multiple pet images.

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