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Emerge All In The Details Top 10

emerge top 10 unleashed challenges Jul 03, 2024
All In The Details Top 10 July 2024

Since our pets are such unique looking creatures, they will always have particular features that their owners love. We’re sure you’ve heard clients talk about their favourite bits of their dogs before, the weird, quirky or cute parts that make them unique. Soi for the All In The Details challenge in our Emerge course, we wanted to see challengers get up close and personal. Capturing images that showcase these special and unique features of a pet.

We had a huge variety of submissions, tails, eyes, noses, paws and more! These are our 10 favourites from our challengers. Congratulations to the photographers!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Brittani White

There is so much detail here, once you look at that dripping nose, it's hard to look away! A slightly unusual composition works because of the diagonals with the eye and mouth.

Desiree Nickerson | Born 2 Run Photography

This collar is beautifully featured and the fur coming up from the top feels like a fountain with the curve and colour!

Erica Schomaker | Ash and Alder Photography

For a portrait of a pigs snout, there is a lot of dynamic energy and a sense of movement here! The way the hairs travel outwards almost like a firework add a lot of interest. The detail is fantastic, with every pore and hair visible.

Helen Daniels | Not Just A Dog Photography

What a sweet moment and one showcasing something unique to this particular dog, a single pink toe pad! The darker tones work well in this moment of napping and the choice of lens and depth of field work well to highlight that special feature.

Juliette Bercovici | Juliette Bercovici 

This image gave us so much joy. Why are these little sheep toys there? What are they doing? We both came up with our own stories. It's beautifully shot with that curve coming from the back down through the tail. The detail in the fur on the tail is wonderful too.

Kelly McNamara | Kelly Mac Studios

What a gorgeous butt! It's also abstract and looks a little like a Polish Chicken! Lovely and sharp with great detail.

Lisa Hanley | Odd Quad Photography

This is a really lovely detail shot, but also a great storyteller. The wet fur,  the shark collar, the complementary blue and orange. Fantastic!

Lisa Olson | Pets R Family

What a unique perspective of this dog. It's lit beautifully, in a way that highlight the texture of the fur and the wrinkles.

Marie Wulfram | Marie Wulfram Photography

What a patient dog waiting for a snack while it has its photo taken! The detail on the nose is excellent, and the focus falloff a very good choice to highlight that part of the dog while still including elements that help add extra magic.

Teran Buckner | Phido Photography

There's so much detail in the eye here and the composition is beautifully seen and crafted with the bokeh in the background framing the whiskers. The wonderful rich colour brings it all together.

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