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How To Edit Photos of Black Dogs

free editing tutorials Apr 12, 2021

By Craig Turner-Bullock

It's a commonly held belief that Black dogs are harder to photograph. So much so that black dogs are always the last to be adopted from shelters. The truth is it's not really that tricky if you are working in good light and put a little bit of effort into the editing.

In this video I'll guide you through my process for making black dogs look black in Photoshop, without losing any of the detail in their fur. 

RAW file straight out of the camera.

Image with completed Lightroom Adjustments.

Final Edit finished in Photoshop.


0:00 - Introduction
0:37 - Correcting colour casts
0:52 - Selective colour
1:50 - Saturation
2:52 - Layer Masks
3:15 - Black Dog Action
3:25 - Curves Adjustment
3:50 - Before/After

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