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Dogscapes Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Jun 29, 2021
Dogscapes top 10

Dogscapes are one of our favourite things to shoot, so we were very excited for this round of the Unleashed Challenges - Embark Round.

The submissions did not disappoint, narrowing them down to just 10 was torture!

Thanks to everyone who submitted images, we felt like we'd been on a big overseas adventure after seeing the gorgeous locations, we miss holidays.

So, here we are; the top 10 images from the Dogscapes challenge. Congratulations to the winners.

- Craig & Charlotte 📸 🐶 ✨

Megan Thompson

What a location and a pretty epic sunset too. The dog is standing proudly and perfectly within this dogscape.

Beatrix Szecsenyi | Kutyafotozas Szabadteren

This is a lovely panorama with the dogs being the predominant feature in this endless landscape. Stitching the images to form this Dogscape has been really well done.

Blue Amrich | Beyond The Fence

In this shot the dog feels like it is in complete harmony with the landscape as it interacts with the space. At the same time, the dog is still the main focus of the image.

Jannene Meyer | Jannene Meyer Photography

This is a beautiful scene where the dog almost becomes part of the landscape. The edges of the face and body becoming a continuation of the rocks. At the same time, the dog is not lost and is the clear focus of the image.

Julia Carr

This has an ethereal quality and gives the feeling of a warm hazy summers evening. Lovely warmth and a strong composition.

Karen Black | Indigo Pet Photography

This shot has a great sense of place and the dogs role in that place. Great composition and use of negative space.

Marika Moffitt | Dirtie Dog Photography

There's a great sense of the location in this photo. The pose of the dog and the direction of its gaze is excellent. The added detail of the dog being wet really connects it to this place.

Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits By Nicole

The use of a wide-angle to bring the dog to the forefront of this shot is wonderful and allows for more of the background to be included. The colours enhance the mood and the dogs pose and expression tie it all together.

Rebecca Kostka | Shy Wolf Photography

It would be really easy for the dog to get a bit lost in a landscape like this, but it works because the colour of the dog contrasts with everything else in the image. 

Sarah Jones | Mucky Pup Photography

This is a really interesting location and the dog is placed perfectly in the landscape. The moody sky adds a bit of drama to the landscape.

The Unleashed Challenges - Embark Round is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months.

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