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Creating a Dogorama® 1 hour in 3 minutes

speed edits Apr 07, 2021

by Craig Turner-Bullock

I photographed this trio up in the Port Hills over Christchurch. It was such a special session in so many ways. Folly, Pepper and Pixel were some of the best-trained dogs I've worked with, they are masters at tricks and poses, so it was exciting to get a little creative with their poses.

But it was a bittersweet session too, Folly, in the middle there, had cancer, so it was important to make the session fun and upbeat and to capture some memorable images of her with Pepper & Pixel for her owner.

One of my favourite shots was taken at the beach before we headed up into the hills and if you hadn't guess looking at it, it was inspired by Charlies Angels.

Another favourite is this shot of them in their 'stack'.

I really wanted to make some Dogorama's with the city below once we got up into the hills. We were so lucky to have gorgeous rays of light coming through the clouds for a little extra sparkle on the session. 

I thought this would make an interesting speed edit. Merging 20 images resulted in a 250 megapixel Dogorama®, and it took a little over an hour to complete from start to finish. Here it is condensed into 3 minutes!

The component shots for the final image

The Final Result


0:13 Source images
0:26 Headswap in Photoshop
0:49 Correcting black fur
1:06 Correcting white fur
1:11 Adding sparkle to eyes
1:18 Selecting images for merging
1:12 Merging images in Photoshop
1:44 Revealing the dog layer
2:00 Tidying up the merged layers
2:18 Cropping
2:35 Tidying background
2:52 Finishing touches in Lightroom
3:02 Final edit

If you enjoyed this and want to see more detail on how I create my Dogorama's®, check out the 'Creating a Panorama' tutorial in the Unleashed Education membership, also available as a stand alone video in Unleashed Edits.

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