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Embark Composition 101 Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Jun 27, 2024
Composition 101 Top 10 June 2024

For the Composition 101 challenge in Embark, we're looking at a couple of the basic rules of composition. Centring and symmetry. Centring feels very natural and can be used to create a sense of calmness, stillness and serenity. It can also work hand in hand with another compositional element, symmetry, resulting in very balanced images. We had a fantastic set of submissions for this challenge and we're very excited to reveal the top 10 images. Huge congratulations on the fantastic work go to our challengers!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Abi Bradbury | Abi B Photography

This dog is full of typical Dachshund attitude, perfectly presented through the pose, low angle and straight-down-the-line centred composition. The limited colour palette is the icing on the cake!

Carlo Mudra | Apawture Studios

An extreme low shooting position and wide angle view has been well utilised to add humour and create an almost cartoon-like appearance! The symmetry present in the dog is supported by the lines in the background.

Claire Penno |  Flagstaff Photography

This is a serious dog doing serious business! We loved the expression, symmetry, colour palette, textures and soft light.

Josee Lavoie | Josée Lavoie Photoart

What a fun image full of attitude. perfectly balanced centred and well balanced within the image, making it a great image for the Composition 101 challenge.

Kaori Stewart | Kaori Stewart Photography

A bold and striking colour scheme is the instant drawcard to this image, which is further supported by the simplicity of the centred composition. Great symmetry and use of painting with light to direct the viewer to that intense gaze.

Monica Radu

There's just something about this image that invites all kinds of different interpretations and stories, and that's something we love in challenge images. Beautiful colour palette and super interesting location, too!

Nikki McDonald | Royal Tails Photography

Fantastic use of framing that is beautifully centred and balanced. There's a lovely softness to the dogs expression too. 

Polona Železnikar

The true beauty of this portrait is in its simplicity. The balanced pose and centred composition is supported by the background elements and who can resist that happy expression?

Rachel McCready | Furtographer

A striking image that had us asking - what IS this place? The triangles of the background are mirrored in the triangular pose of the dog and those perfectly inverted triangle ears. The incredible sky tops it all off!

Tehya Hunter | Collie Tales Pet Photography

The low angle and use of leading lines on the ground plane leads us directly to the subject here, where we're greeted by a gorgeous expression. The balancing elements of tail and back leg work beautifully to create a centred composition.

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