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Composition 101 Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Jun 15, 2021
composition 101 top 10

The latest challenge in the Unleashed Challenges Embark Round was Composition 101, themed around the compositional technique of centering. 

Here, in no particular order are our top 10 Composition 101 images for June 2021.

Congratulations to our winners!

We know this was challenging for many of you, but what a fantastic set of images from all our challengers.

- Craig & Charlotte 📸 🐶 ✨

Blue Amrich | Beyond The Fence

The heavy pillars on either side of the subject give a very tranquil, grounded feeling. The dog is well framed against the darker green of the background, and the dog's sitting pose and serious expression work perfectly.

Nicole Moyer | Sweet Ellie Photography

The leading lines of the bridge railings, the framing of the subject against the background, the direct gaze and the low angle all contribute to making this a successfully centred image.

Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits By Nicole

The symmetry of the fence palings is absolutely perfect, and although the dog poking playfully through the centre is not perfectly symmetrical, the slight head tilt and smushed-together paws lend a playful, quirky feel.

Sarah Jones | Mucky Pup Photography

The location has been used to great effect in this image, with the dog positioned in the centre of the scene and the leading lines from the bridge all pointing inwards, contributing to the centered, balanced feel.

Florence Araujo

The square crop was a great choice for this image. The dog is perfectly centered and the background is balanced and symmetrical. The image has a warm, high key feel which is quite serene.

Jackie Peterson | Jackie Peterson Pet Photography

Simple but effective, this image has few elements, giving it a minimalistic feel. The vertical lines in the background help to draw the eye down  into the dog's face. The dog is edited beautifully.

Jennifer Patterson | Blue and Moose

What a creative image this is! The addition of the stacked books grounds the image, while also managing to feel quite precariously balanced. It's an interesting juxtaposition that is complimented by the quirky appearance and pose of the dog.

Kelly Middlebrooks | Little White Dog

This image feels very balanced and symmetrical - both the background and the pose of the dog. The alert but relaxed expression gives a sense of serenity which contributes to the overall grounded feel.

Kim Hollis | BARKography

While this image has a dynamic feel due to the action, it's actually well balanced through balancing elements. There are equal areas of darkness balancing both sides of the background, and in the pose of the dog.

Megan Thompson

This image is all about the dog's expression, which draws you in. The face is the lightest thing in the image and located perfectly in the middle, so there's no doubt about where your attention should be.

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