Unleashing Light on Location

With Charlotte Reeves & Craig Turner-Bullock

Are you passionate about dog photography, but struggle to find the perfect spots and lighting to make your photos stand out?

We've been exactly where you are, and we get it! 

Hi, Charlotte & Craig here! ūüĎč

As pet photographers with over 40 years of experience between us (eek!) we understand the challenges that come with working with pets outdoors, on-location, at the mercy of whatever available light nature provides!

Aside from the obvious - how do I get the dog to stay still? - one of the biggest issues we hear pet photographers facing, over and over again, is not knowing where to place the dog in the scene, so they're well lit and have a good background behind them.

In this fun education package, you'll see Charlotte and Craig work through challenges in real time at three different shoots, with three different dogs, in three diverse locations and to top it off - different weather and lighting too!

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"Brilliant. There is a lot of course content out there that covers settings, etc. ONCE you get to your location. But I‚Äôve never seen any that offer such a deep dive into scouting out locations, in real time, and teaching people how to ‚Äúthink on their feet‚ÄĚ when conditions change, as they so often do. Bravo!"

- Lisa Nelms, USA

So, how do you find the best spot to shoot?

Choosing the most obvious "pretty" spot isn't enough. A scene that looks nice to your eye may not photograph well, especially with a dog in the mix!

And spots that look like, well, rubbish, might actually turn into amazing scenes at the right angle with the right lens.

Only by considering the how the light and the location work together, will you be able to identify spots that really work to complement your canine subject - whether you have bright sparkly sunshine or flat, low light.

In Unleashing Light on Location we teach you how to identify the best light and use it to guide your choice of shooting spots, backgrounds and angles for your subject.

After absorbing all the information in the videos, you'll know exactly what to look for when you head out to shoot!

Three dogs, three locations, three days of shooting!

Episode 1 - Blitz at the River

Join us for some fun at the unique braided Waimakariri River with Blitz the gorgeous Border Collie.

Unexpected clouds changes the shooting plan, which allows Charlotte to shoot some action in an open field. When the sun finally appears, she captures her signature backlit photos.

On the way to the river, we find unexpected magic in native New Zealand foliage. The session ends on the riverbed with action shots and Craig creating a Dogorama. As the light fades and the wind picks up, Craig demonstrates using an Ice Light for a final windswept portrait.

Episode 2 - Ink in the City

Join us for an afternoon in downtown Christchurch with Ink, a six-month-old black Staffy.

With perfect soft lighting from overcast skies, we explore urban settings and experiment with different compositions and lenses. Starting at Te Pae, the Christchurch Convention Centre, we use mirrored walls, rocks, and ledges. In the Arts Centre courtyard, Charlotte captures Ink against historic buildings. As daylight fades, Craig uses additional lighting for the perfect shot at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Enjoy this session featuring photography tips, techniques, and Ink's charming personality!

Episode 3 - Kea at the Forest

Join us for a forest photography session with Kea, a 10-month-old German Shepherd.

Despite cloudy skies, we demonstrate techniques for achieving beautiful color harmony and composition without golden hour light. Watch as we experiment with exposures, lenses, and angles to capture stunning portraits and action shots in pathways, ivy-covered areas, and magical tree tunnels.

This video is packed with tips for managing light and creating captivating images in challenging low light conditions.

"The spots you pick don't look all that special, but with the light, angles and using the environment to advantage, the end photos are amazing.

"Charlotte and Craig, you have such an engaging way about how you educate, it is a delight to listen to."

- Rebecca McGroarty, Australia

What's included in this learning package?

Each of the three episodes contains two videos:

  • The location scouting video¬†- we visit the shoot location beforehand and walk around, discussing the best places to shoot and any lighting challenges we might face.
  • The shoot video - a behind the scenes look at the entire shoot from start to finish, showing the images taken with¬†full metadata so you can see exactly which lens, focal length and exposure settings were used.

Plus, we edit the images YOU want to see edited!

Inside the course, vote for your favourite image from each episode! Then join us live on Zoom to watch us edit in early July. If you can't make the live calls, don't worry, the calls will be recorded and the full editing tutorials added to the course.

English Closed Captions are available on all videos, so you can watch with no sound and not miss a thing! Each lesson also features a discussion area so you can connect with us directly.

Plus this awesome bonus!

We love Sun Seeker!

It's a handy little phone app to have when you're out on location and need to check where the sun will set - or even where it will be on a different day or at different times of year.

Charlotte created this great little how-to video to help you get the most out of this app when out and about, location scouting for your photo sessions.

It's included free in Unleashing Light on Location!


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Unleashing Light on Location


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  • Bonus: Sun Seeker app how-to video

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"Oh, I SO enjoyed this!

"Two consummate pros, a very good boy, and his human. It is tremendously helpful to see how it's done - thank you for such care and attention in every aspect of producing this.

"First class, as always."

- Jacqui Jensen-Roy, Canada

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