Unleashed Workshop 2023 Recap

Created by internationally acclaimed pet photographers Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock, the Unleashed Workshops are designed to provide valuable in-person training to pet photographers from all over the world.

Three days, filled to the brim with everything dog photography, pushing all of our participants on to new heights. 

Each of the three shoots took us to stunning locations in the Arrowtown - Queenstown area of the South Island of New Zealand. Everything appeared bathed in gold from the autumnal leaves.

It was impossible not to be awestruck by the raw beauty of it!


Each day we put our brains to work and flexed our creative muscles with a morning of theory in our conference room at Millbrook Estate. We developed editing skills, analysed what makes a successful image, and provided individual advice to help every attendee reach their own specific goals.

Our afternoons were spent out shooting, soaking up the gorgeous Autumn scenery and creating incredible images of our willing dog models.

We're so proud of each of our attendees, who worked so hard to push themselves and each other to the next level of dog photography.

Unleashed Workshop 2023 was the life changing experience that our attendees had been waiting for!

Our return to Arrowtown was everything we could have hoped for... and more.

We last visited this charming and quirky gold rush town on New Zealand's South Island in August 2022, for our very first Unleashed Workshop.

Back then, we donned our woolly hats and snuggled into cosy jackets as we embraced the magic of the snow-capped winter wonderland.

This time, however, we were visiting in April, the height of autumn in the Southern hemisphere. 

A (welcome) assault on the senses...

From the moment we arrived, we stepped into the embrace of everything autumn: our senses were bewitched by a symphony of colours, the vibrant foliage painting the world in hues of fire and gold. The earth whispered the secrets of the departing summer in each rustling leaf. The air carried a delicate perfume of nostalgia, as the growth of the previous months surrendered its vibrance to the earth, nourishing the soil and kindling the flame of future seasons yet to bloom.

"Unleashed Workshop in New Zealand was an amazing opportunity to learn how to create amazing pet photography images from two of the very best in the world.

"Fun, collaborative sessions and working with gorgeous models in stunning locations... what could be better?

"Thanks Charlotte and Craig."

- Paul Tadday, Melbourne (Australia)

Shoot one: Cromwell

Our first shoot started at Jackson Orchards, among their beautifully cultivated stone fruit trees providing the most perfect framing and leading lines to help us create some exquisite images. With the insanely beautiful autumn colours in their full glory, we were utterly mesmerised by the autumnal glow, shimmering in a tapestry of saffron, tawny, and burnished copper.

Five minutes down the road, we stopped for the second half of the evening's shoot, in the historic town of Cromwell, on the banks of Lake Dunstan. When the original Main Street was flooded by the creation of the lake, many of the beloved old buildings were painstakingly rebuilt and restored on higher ground, providing a unique backdrop, oozing with history that speaks of a time long past.

Unleashed Workshops are an extraordinary journey to refine your craft, led by trailblazers of the pet photography industry

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can unlock the true potential of your photography? Do you feel trapped in a routine cycle, aware that there is a whole world of possibilities waiting for you to explore, but not quite sure how to take the next step? Knowing there's something more out there, yet unaware of what exactly it is you're missing.

At Unleashed Education, we understand that there's an undeniable magic that happens when aspiring photographers gather in a vibrant, immersive environment to learn, share, and evolve together. Through our carefully curated workshops, we provide the catalyst for transforming your vision into a force to be reckoned with!

"From the moment I walked in the door you both made me feel so welcome, and at ease.
"I can’t believe how much I learned from you both and I just loved the way you complemented each other’s teaching styles. The way you made me not feel like a techno idiot 😊 with so much patience and grace.

"I have attended quite a few workshops over the years (as I like to do one every year for my professional development) and this is the first time I have rung home with excitement that I was learning something and in the process really enjoying myself. 

"I can't wait to continue learning from you both."

- Dawn Dutton, Whangarei (New Zealand)

Shoot two: Thurlby Domain

This enchanting estate is a popular wedding location, and autumn is by far the most popular time of year. We can see why! It is an absolute riot of colour, with the palest whispers of yellows and lime greens dancing alongside the blazing passion of burnt ambers and fiery reds.

The breathtaking natural beauty is punctuated with stunning historic ruins, vintage stables and traditional stone cottages, offering opportunities for a huge variety of backdrops for the magnificent dogs who modelled for us.

Eight committed pet photographers on three jam-packed days of guided discovery

From the moment we assembled at the Millbrook Estate every morning, the buzz of anticipation that filled the air was almost tangible. Mornings were spent working our grey matter in the classroom, with presentations, demonstrations and hands-on editing sessions, and discussing individual goals and aspirations.


After a delicious lunch together, our afternoons were spent on location, searching for the perfect angles with technical demonstrations, before our gorgeous models arrived to strut their stuff in front of our lenses. With a small group of participants, we were able to work one-on-one with each, as well as in pairs, ensuring that every individual received personalised instruction and feedback based on their specific needs and goals.

Once the sun had said its final goodnight each evening, we headed back to the familiar embrace of Millbrook, contentedly tired after the busy day, and buzzing with excitement and anticipation to download our images and uncover what gems we had captured.

"Thoroughly recommend!
The 2023 Unleashed Workshop with Craig and Charlotte was amazing! This was a real investment into myself and my skills as a photographer. I had so much fun, and it was an incredible learning experience. I left feeling reinvigorated."

- Clarissa Ricardo, Waikato (New Zealand)

Shoot three: Arrow River

Our third and final shoot of the workshop was the closest to our base, set in the small town of Arrowtown, on the banks of the crystal clear Arrow River. We were on the cusp of the town's Autumn Festival, and the display of colours presented to us was at its absolute pinnacle.

A true paradise for dogs, with walking trails and easy access to the shallow water as it babbled over its pebbled bed, our models had the time of their lives and the joy was written all over their faces - and ours!

The joy of finding your tribe, and connecting with like-minded souls

Are you one of the many people who ended up in the pet photography sphere citing your love for animals in preference to people? You're not alone! But on an Unleashed Workshop, there's no sitting around in awkward silence, like the inaugural meeting of Introverts Anonymous, because every single person is united by a love for animals, and a passion for telling the stories of the love between those animals and their humans.

Such a shared sense of purpose breaks down boundaries faster than a hot knife slicing through butter (or a slice of the delicious cake we tucked into at break time!) and our lovely participants were chattering away with each other in no time.

There is no sense of competition here, other than our combined desire to be the best that we can be, and to help push each other to succeed. Lifelong friendships are forged as we lay side-by-side on the damp earth, and wade through chilly streams on our joint adventure. 

If you join us on a workshop, you will find yourself surrounded by people who understand you and your passion for what you do. You will find your people. Your tribe.


Join us on our next workshop to find your tribe. We're so excited to welcome you to the Unleashed family!

"If you are looking to improve your dog photography skills & you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime then you definitely need to consider attending an Unleashed Workshop! 

"Here are just some reasons why…
The locations are epic, the dogs are amazing, & it’s so nice to meet like minded & supportive photographers that share the same love of photographing dogs. 

"The instructors are incredibly patient & take the time to understand what it is that you really need to prioritise & focus on which is extremely valuable in being able to move forward! 

"After attending an Unleashed Workshop in 2022, I jumped at the chance to attend again & I am so grateful for such a wonderful experience!  Thank you Charlotte & Craig!"

- Katie Crosse, Jimboomba (Australia)

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