Unleashed Workshop 2022 Wrap-Up

A snowy winter workshop with epic locations and awesome dog models!

Created by internationally acclaimed pet photographers Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock, the very first Unleashed Workshop was a winter workshop, held in August 2022 in beautiful Arrowtown, New Zealand.

Over three very full days, we explored our students' current knowledge and skills. We then worked one-on-one with each student to come up with a personalised plan so we could help fill in the gaps!

There was plenty of opportunity for image shares, inspirational chats, creative shoots and editing deep dives.

We shot at three amazing locations - a braided river (with views of the snow-capped mountains), in the snow up in the mountains with epic views in all directions and finally in the little village of Arrowtown. Our attendees found these locations so inspirational!

Our little conference room at Millbrook Estate was cozy and well equipped, with no shortage of snacks and a delicious cafe lunch each day. We finished off the workshop with a final dinner out in Arrowtown on the last evening. Our attendees were definitely well-fed!

Unleashed Workshop 2022 was the life changing experience that our attendees had been waiting for!

Our Style Lab Workshop attendees and instructors at our snow shoot in the mountains.

Our Favourite Photos

Enjoy this selection of incredible images taken by our workshop students and instructors!

Behind the Scenes

Some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks taken by the instructors and attendees, showing our beautiful shooting locations and dog models.

"I applied for this workshop because I knew it would be epic. Having already worked with Charlotte and Craig I knew amazingness was guaranteed!

"We had three beautiful locations in New Zealand and wonderful dog models, enough models to work in pairs and really get time to get creative.

"I am so happy with what I was able to capture and I have taken a lot of learning away from classroom feedback and also learning from other students during shooting time.

"Charlotte and Craig are full of knowledge, you learn so much in these workshops and get to be part of this wonderful community of brilliant pet photographers!

"Oh and I have to mention Arrowtown being our base, oh my goodness the food and wine and views and lovely people, I must return in Autumn, can we have another workshop in Autumn?!!!"

Rebecca Kostka, Australia

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