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Editing Toolbox: Using Reference Mode in Lightroom to Perfectly Match Edits

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Dec 16, 2022

By Charlotte Reeves

Do you usually copy and paste your Lightroom edits between images to save time? Me too! It works so well. But what happens when you copy and paste your edits onto an image that wasn't taken in exactly the same way? Maybe the lighting changed, the white balance shifted, or you used a different lens.

In those situations, you then need to tweak the image manually to match. Which is really hard to do, when you can't see both images at the same time while editing! 😭

Or... can you?

In this video, I show you the awesome mode in Lightroom you need to know about to help speed up your editing workflow and get your images looking consistent. This is super valuable if you are printing your work, or even if you're just showing a gallery of images to your client.

Another great tool to add to your editing toolbox!

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