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Up Ups Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Jul 12, 2021
Up Ups Top 10
Our Up Ups challenge in the Unleashed Challenges Embark Round has been our most popular to date.
We had another incredible set of images to pick our top 20 from and boy did it take us a long time to narrow down the selection!
So, here we are; the top 10 images from the Up Ups challenge, in no particular order. Congratulations to the winners.
- Craig & Charlotte 📸 🐶 ✨

Josie Baughan | The Artisan Hound

While it also meets the brief perfectly, this image is absolutely gorgeous in its own right. The panoramic crop, the soft, backlit feel, the layers creating depth and the well positioned and posed dog, all contribute to its success.

Andrea Fleury | Andrea Fleury Photos and Films

The low-key tones of this image create a sense of drama, accentuated by the cool location and striking pose.

Blue Amrich | Beyond The Fence

This fantastic location makes a run-of-the-mill bench into a stage for this star of this image. The leading lines work to  focus on the subject and the colour palette is harmonious.

Andrea Ou | Paws and Play Studio

This scruffy little cutie is very proudly up-ups on that rock, in this stunning scene. The sky is well balanced with the off camera flash applied to the subject and the dog is super sharp and detailed with lots of character.

Bridget Davey | Bridget Davey Photography

This dog is certainly up-ups on that sign, and the sign itself along with the scene work together to tell the story. The image is well exposed and lit, and beautifully edited.

Marika Moffitt | Dirtie Dog Photography

Up, up and away - this log leads the eye up to the crowning glory of a very fluffy pup in pride of place at the top. The composition is unconventional but works so well, with a simple background.

Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits By Nicole

Up Ups with a slight twist - the dog is up but the head is down! This creative entry uses depth of field to lead the viewer into the dog's expression, with a low key colour palette.

Nicole Moyer | Sweet Ellie Photography

Framed beautifully within the arch in the background, this dog sits regally at the top of the stairs. The colour palette is simple and harmonious, giving a feeling of simplicity and serenity.

Keri Nakahashi | Keri Nakahashi Photography

The low perspective of this wide angle view creates drama and almost a feeling of vertigo - this dog feels very high and precariously balanced! The bright clean colours suit the scene perfectly.

Kristen Murray | Kristen Murray Photography

While this image is outside the box, it also meets the brief superbly. It's such an interesting scene and must have been fun to create. The off-centre composition works really well to balance the buildings too.

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