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Embark Up Ups Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Jan 17, 2022
Up Ups Top 10 January 2022

The Up Ups challenge is all about elevating the subject, dogs on logs, rocks, benches, whatever, as long as they are off the ground.

There was a huge variety of images in the submissions and we had a tough time narrowing them down to just 10. But here, in no particular order are the top 10 Up Ups images. Congratulations to you all!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Pauliina Saarinen | Pauliina Saarinen Photography

This perfectly fits the brief for Up Ups. The composition is wonderful and the subtle gradient from warm tones at the top to the cool at the bottom really take this to another level. 

Nancy Paynter

This is a fantastic up ups shot, the mossy log is great. The dog is posed perfectly and the jacket really fits the shot too.

Lindsay Baca | Sit! Stay Pet Photography

Such a great expression and the movement in the fur and ears really add an emotive quality to the image. The log the dog is up on has a great shape wrapping around him and interesting colour and texture too.

Kristen Murray | Kristen Murray Photography

A unique take on Up Ups, but one that meets the brief perfectly. It's beautifully edited, composed and the dog is engaged and has great expression.

Kim Hawkins

This is such a graphic image that has an almost pen and ink feeling to the trees and rocks, then the dog, with its sandy tones really punches through the monochromatic surroundings. 

Jane Kelly | Flying Furtography

Beautifully edited, perfect composition, wonderful soft colour palette and the dog looks immaculate and has a fantastic engaged expression.

Jana Davis | J's Photography

This is quite an unconventional composition that very cleverly uses different elements to make it successful. The dog is beautifully edited too.

Hope Kuo

This is a different take on the Up Ups challenge and it works brilliantly. There are some great textures, the dog's expression is gorgeous and there is some lovely colour harmony.

Erika Maurer | Erika Maurer Photography

If you think it's challenging to get one dog in the up ups, try getting 4 to do it! The pairings are great, the edit has some really lovely attention to detail and we thought the log looks a bit like a dinosaur bone these 4 all had a hand in excavating!

Cathy Kirbach | Cathy Kirbach-Ferry Photography 

An utterly gorgeous puppy with a very sweet expression. The choice of leaving the exposed rock at the bottom of the image was good, it really gives a sense of what the dog it up on.

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