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Unleashed Edit: Benson at the Orchard (speed edit version)

speed edits unleashed edits Jul 06, 2023

By Craig Turner-Bullock

This "speed edit" is sped up around 40x from the full 22 minute editing tutorial, which is available in our Unleashed Education Premium Membership and Editing Unleashed Membership.

Benson sat perfectly in the middle of this autumnal orchard row during our Unleashed Workshop in Arrowtown.

His position is crying out for a centered composition, but the image is a little tight, Thankfully I have another frame I can use to add space.

As with all RAW files, this is really lacking in colour, which was really vibrant on the day, so I also need ot use some colour adjustment tools to bring out the yellows and golds of autumn and really enhance the complementary colour harmony in the image.




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