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Editing Toolbox: The Worst Way to Fix Colour Casts and How to Do it Properly

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Sep 23, 2022

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Do you struggle with fixing colour casts on dogs? Have you been so frustrated by them that you just desaturate specific colours and remove it colour completely?


That is a technique I see being used to fix stubborn colour casts in pet photos all the time and it's just wrong!

Instead of fixing a colour cast, you end up with a dated 90's style selective colour image that looks SO BAD I can't even put it into words!

There is always colour present in fur, even if the dog is black or white (or both as in the image in this example). The key is minimising the colour casts to make it look more realistic, without the colour (or lack thereof) becoming a problematic distraction. Fixing these stubborn colour casts is easy and in this weeks Editing Toolbox, I'll show you a couple of techniques in Photoshop, so you can leave those saturation sliders alone in future and have realistic coloured pets in your images.

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