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Editing Toolbox: Super Quick Object Selection and Removal in Photoshop

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Nov 18, 2022

By Charlotte Reeves

Want to spend more time playing with your dogs, and less time editing photos? I'm all about constantly improving, tweaking, and speeding up my workflow so I can spend that saved time doing other things.

During a long editing session, those seemingly little jobs that you find yourself doing to multiple images really adds up. Making selections of random objects to remove from photos is one of those repetitious and fiddly jobs that can really slow your editing process down.

Photoshop is continually improving how their tools work and I've been noticing how much better the Object Selection tool seems to be working with recent updates. Coupled with one must-have keyboard shortcut, using this tool can help you cut down your editing time, big time!

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Join me as I show you how to use this tool to save you (lots of) time in Photoshop. Your dogs will thank you! 🐶

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