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Embark Splash! Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Oct 14, 2022
Splash! Top 10 October 2022

There's just something about playing in the water that screams fun and our best furry buddies seem to agree.

Whether it be swimming, leaping, splashing, playing fetch or jumping waves, water play offers great opportunities for exciting and dynamic action shots of doggy water babies.

For the Splash! challenge, we tasked our Embark students to capture images of dogs interacting with the water.

These, in no particular order, are our top 10 images. Well done to the photographers for such fantastic work!

- Craig & Charlotte 📸 🐶 ✨

Angela Schneider | Big White Dog Photography

A great shake shot, lovely sparkly splash and we really like that one eye is open the other is closed!

Annabel Richman

Fantastic expression, great low angle, the bokeh sparkles in the foreground lead you in and the stormy sky really isolates the dog making this a very successful Splash! shot.

Aubri Poon | Aubri Poon Photography

Great action moment with some great shapes for a silhouette and the last rays of light catch the water really nicely.

Catherine Thuaux

This is a really clever image. Not only is it filled with absolute joy, but the dalmatian's patterns really reflect in the splash, with the white water all over the image and some really dark spot at the bottom.

Jillian Turner | Gone To The Dogs Photography

Gorgeous light, colour, reflection and low angle. A really lovely splash image.

Magda Szklarska | Your Best Furiend Photography

A really simple image, with a lovely colour palette and really nice interaction with the water. Just what we were looking for in the Slpash! breif.

Pauliina Saarinen | Pauliina Saarinen Photography

There's so much energy in this image. Great action and expression and the splash is everywhere!

Rebecca Munson | Photos By The Bucket

This has a magical fairytale quality to it in every detail, from the light, the bokeh sparkles, to the dogs haircut and the crazy shake.

Tiffany Wilson | Tiffany Wilson Pet Photography

Stunning colour tomes, the dip in the foreground rocks reveal the water, and that is one very good stick!

Tracey Walker | Tracey Walker Art

This is all about the drama in the light and awkwardness of this giant breed. Fantastic splashes and a really excellent shot.

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