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Embark Splash! Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Apr 11, 2022
Splash! Top 10 April 2022

There's just something about playing in the water that screams fun and our best furry buddies seem to agree.

Whether it be swimming, leaping, splashing, playing fetch or jumping waves, water play offers great opportunities for exciting and dynamic action shots of doggy water babies.

For the penultimate challenge in Embark, we wanted to see images featuring dogs interacting with water.

Here, in no particular order, are our top 10 from the Splash! challenge. Well done challengers, spectacular work.

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Alison Yeo | Alikat Dog Photography

This is an intense moment captured beautifully. The dog is so focused on the ball and the splash framing it doesn't get much better.

Angela Schneider | Big White Dog Photography

This is such an immersive image, you feel like you're right there in the water with the dog. The splashes frame the image nicely and really help draw you in.

Carol Moorhead | Dog-Tog Pet Photography

Gorgeous light and colour palette. The white water leads you from the bottom left, right into the dog, who is perfectly posed and placed in the frame and the splashes around them really stand out.

Erika Maurer | Erika Maurer Photography

An incredible moment in the dog's stride, fully stretched in the jump. Those intense eyes focused on where it's going. Plus a great splash fitting of the challenge brief!

Karen Dillabough | Karen Dillabough Photography

Fabulous expression, body position and composition. There's some lovely water droplets around the dog and the soft foreground and subtle reflection are a lovely detail.

Karen Dunkason | Karen Dunkason Photography

A gorgeous golden light action shot. The droplets of water are beautifully isolated against the soft background.

Katy Robertson 

A double splash! Both a lovely balance in the composition and also help frame the action happening in the middle, where the dog is clearly enjoying themself!

Lindsay Baca | Sit Stay Pet Photography

You can tell this dog always has to have the best stick! Lovely composition, the light is great and the trail of water off the paw is wonderful.

Megan O'Hehir

This has a wonderful, whimsical feeling. The droplets of water have been beautifully backlit and the dog's expression is really what makes this shot special.

Nancy Paynter

Great humour in the expression, lovely light and a fantastic splash.

Embark is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months and is the first interactive course in the Unleashed Challenges series.

Much more than just a challenge, Embark is an invaluable educational resource that will help you build up a go-to list of shots to help create variety in your work. Designed for anyone to be able to complete whether you just want to photograph your own dog or you are a professional pet photographer.

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