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Embark Soul Searcher Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Aug 02, 2022
Soul Searcher Top 10 July 2022

The Soul Searcher or puppy dog eyes style of shot can be a great way to introduce variety into your session, especially if you usually shoot from a very low angle. The high angle and the expression are sure to tug at the heartstrings, and people really relate to this view of their dog. They see it every day when they look down at them.

Soul Searcher images can feature just the dog's face filling the frame, or they can be framed wider to include more of the body.

This kind of shot really plays on the whole "eyes are the windows to the soul" saying with the eyes being big, bright, and sharp, and a shallow depth of field turning everything else into soft blur.

The Soul Searcher challenge is all about everything we mentioned. connection, getting those eyes super sharp, the high angle.

These images are our picks for the top 10, all of them are absolutely gorgeous, well done to the photographers!

- Craig & Charlotte 📸 🐶 ✨

Allison Schwickerath | Allison Mae Photography

Beautifully focussed with precision on the eyes. The background harmonises really well with the dog. A fantastic Soul Searcher image.

Anna Jowett

This is a view small dog owners will be familiar with! Lovely expression and a nice touch to have the paws reaching up the leg.

Erica Schomaker | Ash and Alder Photography

This one definitely tugs on the heartstrings. A gorgeous pose, beautiful colour and lovely story-telling.

Helen Green | Helen Green Photography

Symmetry, colour harmony, a great high angle and eyes you could dive into. Perfectly fitting the challenge brief.

Kim Hawkins

This is so light and airy, really enhanced by the whimsical swish of the tail and the different positions of the ears. A really wonderful image fitting of the Soul Searcher challenge.

Marie Wulfram | Marie Wulfram Photography

Great use of diagonal angles, wonderful rich colours and a beautiful soul searching expression.

Navin Chandra | Beyond Human Photography

This shot has an almost cartoonish look in the eyes which is really striking. The shallow depth of field falls off along with the light for a very interesting and creative result.

Nicole Wesley | Nicole Wesley Photography LLC

Fantastic symmetry and expression and the out-of-focus flowers on the ground are a lovely touch.

Tiffany Wilson | Tiffany Wilson Pet Photography

A beautiful image with great detail and expression and a really stunning edit.

Tracey Walker | Tracey Walker Art

 What a wonderful moody shot. The dog's head facing away with the eyes looking up really conveys emotion. 

Embark is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months and is the first interactive course in the Unleashed Challenges series.

Much more than just a challenge, Embark is an invaluable educational resource that will help you build up a go-to list of shots to help create variety in your work. Designed for anyone to be able to complete whether you just want to photograph your own dog or you are a professional pet photographer.

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