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Say What? Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Sep 06, 2021
Say What? Top 10
Nothing in the world is as cute as a doggy head tilt and for this challenge, we asked our challengers to head out and photograph the best head tilts you'll see. We think they succeeded, which made selecting a top 10 more difficult than ever before.
After much deliberating these were our favourite 10 Say What? images.
Huge congratulations to our top 10!
- Charlotte & Craig 📸 🐶 ✨
Andrea Ou | Paws & Play Studio

You can feel the wind blowing on the beach here, making a dymanic and emotive image. The head tilt is the icing on the cake!

Amanda Brook | Shoot The Pooch Dog Photography

The cuteness level is at 100 here, a beautiful puppy with a gorgeous tilt. Very nicely composed and lit. The soft black and white treatment finishes it off well.

Blue Amrich | Beyond the Fence

Despite only one dog having a head tilt, both of them are showing bags of personality. It's evenly lit, clean and simple.

Donna Pownall | Paw Now Portraits

There's something really compelling about this dogs expression and head tilt. It really commands attention. The setting of this image is lovely too. 

Holly Montgomery | Brindleberry Acres

The incredible head tilt on this dog is a perfect match for the use of wide-angle and the equally quirky tilt on the building behind. Together it makes for a captivating shot.

Jannene Meyer | Jannene Meyer Photography

The simplicity of this shot is why it works so well. The monotone colours and the great expression and head-tilt.

Josie Baughan | The Artisan Hound

A double head tilt! As well as a great location and lovely leading lines bringing your eye straight to the tiltastic duo!

Karen Black | Indigo Pet Photography

This is a really clever triptych showing all the angles of this dogs head tilt! Great outside the box thinking for this challenge.

Karen Havenaar | Pr1mo Fotografie

This dog is serious about listening! Great expression, lovely head tilt and the rim light really highlights the angle of his tilt!

Lisbeth Ganer | Lisbeth Ganer Pet Photography

Aside from the most wonderful head tilt, what makes this shot is the dynamic feeling. The wind blowing the ear and the clouds following in the same direction.

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