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Embark Say What? Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Mar 15, 2022
Say What? Top 10 March 2022

Say What? is a challenge that's all about engagement and connection between the doggy model and the camera. We were specifically looking for that ultimate expression of connection - a doggy head tilt!

Not only did we get some amazing and expressive images, we were also wowed by our challengers' attention to detail, lighting and location choices. They really did give us the whole package in this challenge!

Well done to our top ten Say What challengers, here are their images, in no particular order.

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Teresa Rooney

Not only does this dog have an epic head tilt, the full body standing pose also contributes to the alertness and expression. The white-on-white background is simple but striking.

Alison Yeo | AliKat Dog Photography

The dramatic storm light of this image contributes to the dog's intensely focused expression, with the head tilt contributing a touch of fun and quirkiness! Love those soft silky ears, beautifully edited.

Pauliina Saarinen | Pauliina Saarinen Photography

Such a gorgeous image in so many ways! Not only does this cute fluffy pup give us a beautiful little head tilt, we were also impressed by the lighting, the setting and the attention to detail in the edit. Just gorgeous!

Betty Walden | Betty Walden Photography

The subtle softness of this image drew us in immediately. The subdued and earthy tones are nicely balanced by the quirkiness of the head tilt, and the image has a real sense of time and place with the ear fur blowing over one eye, along with the waving grass in the background. A lovely little package!

Nancy Paynter

We adored this image as soon as it popped up! The super shallow depth of field immediately focuses the viewers attention on that gorgeous face. Then there's the symmetry, the centering and the colour scheme, all working together to emphasise the subject without overwhelming them. Love it!

Carol Moorhead | Dog-Tog Pet Photography

This expression takes the cake and is a prime example of the intense gaze and curious expression that should be evident for this challenge. We also loved how the lighting is so well managed on the subject and the background. Great work!

Megan O'Hehir 

Beautifully lit studio image with exactly the right colour backdrop for this dog's colouring! The slightly off-centre sitting pose compliments the head tilt, and the eye contact is the icing on the cake, awesome work.

Dawne Carlisle

This curious and engaged dog is perfectly framed between the bars - the sense of framing and symmetry works so well here. A touch of sunshine on the background brightens up this image and matches the curious feeling.

Lindsay Baca | Sit Stay Pet Photography

What's better than a head tilt? A double head tilt! This perfectly presented pair with their perfectly aligned head tilts are well framed by the trees in the background. Add to that a gorgeous sky and you have a recipe for you guessed it, a perfect shot!

Hope Kuo

The setting of this image is incredible and suits the harsh, directional sunlight. We loved how the dog's head is tilted away, but the eye contact is directly with the camera.

Embark is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months and is the first interactive course in the Unleashed Challenges series.

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