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Editing Toolbox: Removing a Red Colour Cast from the Shadows in Lightroom

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Feb 27, 2023

By Charlotte Reeves

Have you ever come across a really stubborn red colour cast in the shadows while editing your pet photos? It can happen when you're shooting with backlight, especially when there's a bit of flare in the image. It's nearly impossible to get rid of with the Temperature and Tint sliders, and the Hue/Saturation sliders don't really work to remove it nicely either.

Instead of dealing with it in Photoshop, I'm going to show you a super quick and easy way to get rid of red in the shadows in Lightroom (making use of the RAW data), using the Tone Curve. Once you get the concept, you can also apply this newfound knowledge to a range of other colour cast issues!

At the moment the Tone Curve sliders can only be applied globally in Lightroom, but a little birdy told me they're soon coming to the masking adjustments too - which will make this technique even more useful in the future!

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