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Live Editing Session: Strive the Border Collie

free editing tutorials Nov 17, 2020

By Charlotte Reeves

This live editing session took place in May 2020 via a group Zoom call, and features the full edit of one of my award-winning images. Since I'd actually already edited this, it was actually a re-edit, which was really interesting to do because sometimes they turn out a little differently a second time around.

Watch the complete 43 minute edit from start to finish, or fast-track through the editing steps using the timecodes below. Enjoy!


0:00 - Image to edit

2:16 - SOOC copy of the image 

2:47 - Aim for the edit

3:03 - Fixing the white balance

4:10 - Global Lightroom adjustments

7:48 - Perfecting the White balance

9:06 - More adjustments

9:53 - Tidying up in Photoshop

11:33 - Making the white fur/chest look properly white

13:03 - Removing the distractions in the background

20:21 - Fixing the green areas in the background

23:00 - Dodging and burning

25:35 - More tidying up

26:24 - Polish up Action

28:06 - Back in Lightroom

28:22 - Local adjustments (background)

32:45 - Local adjustments (Strive's face)

33:47 - Noise reduction in the background

34:42 - Raw vs Latest Edit 

35:23 - Final adjustments

35:40 - Cropping

36:17 - Adding flare

40:54 -Raw Vs Final Edit Vs First Edit

42:06 - Outro

42:40 - Before and Afters

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