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Irresistible Words Review

reviews Jun 05, 2015

Like countless bends already traversed, the stony path curved ahead of me, the scenery beyond hidden by thick bushes. New sandals chafed my heels, my camera hung heavy from my sweaty hand and the sun was dipping quickly towards the horizon. The summer bushland hummed to the sound of countless cicadas, broken by the building laughter of kookaburras high in a nearby gum tree.

Luna trotted business-like just ahead of me, her shiny hindquarters disappearing around the bend. Not to be out-paced, I quickened my step and followed. The view ahead unravelled and as I rounded the bend, the impending dusk lifted, just slightly. Quiet and tranquil, a small clearing appeared. Floored with waving green grasses open to the clear blue sky, touched by shafts of golden afternoon light piercing through the line of trees behind, it was perfect. Absolutely ideal.

Short attention spans. Busily multi-tasking but failing to give our full focus to any one thing. Flitting from one bright, shiny attraction to the next.

We're all guilty of it, especially in this new digital world we live in.

Discovering writing that truly draws you in is a rare thing. For me, the experience of reading amazing writing parallels being out scouting for that perfect new photo location. Walking along a winding bushland path, itching to see around the next corner. Unable and unwilling to stop and obsessed with the promise of what comes next.

Just like the day I discovered the Psychology for Photographers blog for the first time. Looking for distractions while procrastinating about doing some menial office task, I sat there all afternoon reading every single article on the site. Each one drew me in and made me think, question and discover.

When I found out Jenika had developed an online writing course, I didn't think twice, snapping up my copy of Irresistible Words right when it came out. I devoured the whole course in a couple of days and immediately set out to rewrite website content, blog posts, social media posts and every other writing task that dared cross my path.

I was instantly rewarded with great feedback and a huge increase in interaction - my newfound writing skills turned viewers into readers - complementing the images I was posting and adding layers of interest and value.

Like anything worth doing well in life - there is no magic button. No one piece of advice or skill that changes everything. Irresistible Words presents a host of tools, techniques and exercises designed to unlock the inner writer that's been dormant in all of us, as we lazily (yes, I'm totally guilty of this) cruise the long boring highway, instead of taking the scenic route.

If you want to grab this life-changing course, head on over to the Psychology for Photographers site and check it out now.

You're welcome!

Oh - and if you'd like to read something I wrote straight after completing this course - head over to my photography site and read Kaya's Story. You might need a box of tissues handy...

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