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Editing Toolbox: Introducing the 3 Slider Challenge

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Jun 30, 2023

By Charlotte Reeves & Craig Turner-Bullock

For the second week running, Craig and Charlotte are together (in the same room, amazing) for a special Editing Toolbox! And once again, they're giving you a sneaky insight into some more Premium Membership content. The 3 Slider Challenge is another regular live call topic that our members LOVE!

For the 3 Slider Challenge, members submit their RAW images, and Craig and Charlotte edit them in Lightroom. There's just one rule - only three sliders are allowed to be used! This makes it super important to choose the sliders that are going to have the MOST impact on the image.

In this video, Craig and Charlotte are editing each other's images instead. You'll be blown away by the impact that just three sliders can have on the RAW file, when those sliders are chosen wisely.

If you missed last week's video, that one is also worth checking out, where Craig and Charlotte demonstrate another fun Premium Membership regular event - Image Flow. Watch it here!

If you'd like to find out more about the Unleashed Education Premium Membership, check this out.

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