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Editing Toolbox: How to Cull Your Pet Photos Super Fast in Lightroom

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Sep 16, 2022

By Charlotte Reeves

A good system for culling in Lightroom is essential if you shoot pet photography in sessions - whether that be of your own dogs or for clients. Culling involves selecting your best images from the session, but also marking images for rejection and eventual deletion. This is a vital step for good file management and will mean you don't end up wasting terrabytes of hard drive space on images you'll never use!

In this tutorial, I take you through the process I use to choose my final images (and reject unwanted images) using Lightroom's flagging system. I also share a few hacks to make the whole process quicker and more streamlined.

Here's to a better organised, more efficient culling process for you after picking up some handy hints in this video!

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