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Editing Toolbox: How to Choose a New Prime Lens Using the Library Filter

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Jul 28, 2023

By Charlotte Reeves

If you've started off shooting with zoom lenses and have decided it's time to invest in a prime (fixed focal length) lens, but don't know which one to choose, this tutorial is for you!

Your shooting habits with zoom lenses can tell you a lot about which focal lengths you shoot at the most, and so which focal length prime lens might suit you best. Find out how to use the Library Filter in Lightroom to filter your existing images by date, file type and lens, to show exactly how many images you've shot at each focal length in the range that you're considering.

It's super quick and easy to do, and will give you a great starting point for choosing a new prime lens.

I also cover some additional considerations when investing in a new prime lens, including two very crucial tips - watch all the way to the end to discover these.

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