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Editing Toolbox: How to Check Your International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards Entries

editing toolbox free editing tutorials May 19, 2023

By Charlotte Reeves

The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards are now open for entries! If you're keen to enter but want to make 110% sure your images meet the file submission criteria, this video is a must-watch.

Your image must meet the required dimensions (3000 pixels on the long side), it must be in sRGB colour mode, it must be a high quality jpeg and it must include the original capture/creation date in the metadata.

Find out how to check all these in Photoshop - this last "pre-flight" check should always be the final step before uploading your image to the Awards Portal.

To find out more about the 2023 International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards including information about categories, rules, pricing, judges and prizes, head to the awards website.

We look forward to seeing YOUR entries!

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