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Emerge Highs and Lows Top 10

emerge top 10 unleashed challenges Mar 22, 2022
Highs and Lows Top 10 March 2022

The use of high key and low key imagery is very common in the world of art and photography. Their popularity can probably be attributed to them being a relatively easy way to create a mood and elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

High key imagery tends to bring with it more positive emotions. It’s bright, airy, clean look is a perfect way to convey joy and happiness.

We loved seeing how the submissions for this challenge pushed our challengers and the results were well worth all the effort, so congrats to all who submitted.

These are our top 10 (in no particular order).

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Andrea Fleury | Dogtography

There's an immediate impact in this shot and it's been edited beautifully to really bring the high feel feeling into it. The soft ribbons of water, the crunchy icicles and the dog posed perfectly on top of the rocks.

Blue Amrich | Beyond the Fence

This is quite moody and dramatic, great for the low key style. There's a lot of texture which could be easily distracting, but it's been really well handled. The red of the pine needles really pull you to the dog.

Cindy Mayes

A gorgeous image with a great High Key feel, perfectly fitting the brief. The fluffiness of the dog and the soft foreground really elevate this.

Jacqui Jensen-Roy | Soul Puppy Pet Photography

An excellent example of a low key studio shot. Great detail, expression and the subject is separated nicely from the background.

Jeff Rooney | Hightail It Photography

The dogs pose is really wonderful and leads you straight up to the balloon. It's a great choice to use a white balloon, maintaining the high key feel.

Joanne Merner | Your Dog's Photographer

It's all about the deliciously grumpy but attentive expression of this dog. Exaggerated through the textures and dramatic light. We especially like seeing what the dog is sitting on so it doesn't appear to be floating in a sea of black.

Lisbeth Ganer | LisGanerArt

Graphic, monochromatic, gorgeous lines and negative space, Yet still maintaining a high key feel, beautiful work.

Megan Thompson | Megan Thompson Photography

This is a beautifully handled high key shot, the dog is so perfectly centred and the leading lines of the road really draw you in to this warm yet wintery scene.

Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits by Nicole

Stunning image with a whimsical feeling and wonderful high key feel.

Suzy McCracken | Suzy McCracken Photography

What a fun image, great curves and shape made by the dog catching its tail. The high key light really adds to the mood.

Emerge is the second series in our Unleashed Challenge courses and is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months. It’s open to anyone who has completed our first course in the series, Embark.

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