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Glow-Up Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Sep 21, 2021
Glow-Up Top 10

Backlighting your subject is a beautiful way to separate them from the background, giving your images an instant glow-up.

Backlight was the latest Challenge in the Embark Round of Unleashed Challenges. We had some gorgeous submissions filled with warmth and glow.

Huge congratulations to the photographers for these beautiful images! These, in no particular order, are the top 10.

 - Charlotte & Craig 📸 🐶 ✨

Andrea Fleury | Dogtography

This shot just glows! It's perfectly backlit and has a wonderful soft colour palette, great negative space and we love the light catching the fluffy tops of the grasses.

Blue Amrich | Beyond the Fence

The centred composition works very well for this portrait. The backlight has been balanced well with the ambient light on the front of the dog and there is great definition and detail in the face.

Cindy Mayes

The expression and pose of the dog and monochomatic colours of this shot give it a happy, warm, sunlit feel. The backlight has been very well handled, creating a soft halo without being blown out.

Josie Baughan | The Artisan Hound

This image has a really soft and subtle rim light and works very well with the textures of the dogs fur. The bokeh behind and the yellow flowers add a little extra sparkle too.

Kelly Middlebrooks | Little White Dog Pet Photography

The slightly quirky angles of this older dog are exaggerated by the sitting pose. The rim light is clear around the dog and the choice to shoot from a slightly higher angle and have the background clean and clear of clutter was excellent.

Kim Hollis | BARKography by Kim Hollis

Another fluffy dog with very well handled backlight. The dog looks very regal and the catchlights in the eyes are clear, giving the eyes a sparkle. The simplicity and soft feel of this photo also work well.

Lisbeth Ganer

This is a beautiful location and this was the perfect time to shoot a backlit image, with the sun so close to the horizon. 

Megan Thompson | Megan Thompson Photography

A soft and dreamy portrait with beautiful backlight and well-controlled flare. The expression and pose are wonderful and the composition well balanced.

Sarah Jones | Mucky Pup Photography

The emotive qualities and mood of this image are the most eye catching features. The lens flare is well controlled and the less traditional crop makes the image feel dynamic. This dog knows how to have fun!

Toni Greatorex 

This is very well lit and the light sources are balanced. The choice to take the saturation to the brink of being oversaturated works really well in this shot too.

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