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Emerge Framed Top 10

emerge top 10 unleashed challenges Feb 22, 2022
Framed Top 10 February 2022

Framed is the first challenge in our brand new Unleashed Challenge series, Emerge.

It was SO HARD picking our top 10 for this challenge, the standard of submissions was incredible and so inspiring.

There were some really fantastic interpretations of the brief - to create an image using framing to bring attention to the subject.

If this first challenge is anything to go by, we're in for a treat for the next 11 Emerge Challenges.

Here, in no particular order, are our top 10 Framed images. Congratulations to the photographers, awesome work!

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Blue Amrich | Beyond the Fence

Beautifully lit, perfectly framed amongst all that blue sparkly bokeh, and look at that front leg floof, adorable!

Diane Gollowitzer | Dogs in Focus Photography

There's so much to love about this. It's almost as if the dogs have photobombed a perfect landscape shot. Both hoping for treats, and licking their lips in anticipation. Their unequal heights adds to the quirkiness even more!

Joanne Merner | Your Dog's Photographer

Putting a literal frame in the snow is such a creative take on the brief. The dog running through is perfectly sharp and the timing was spot on with front paws in the air for a dynamic action shot.

Kelly Pettitt | Kelly Pettitt Photography

This shot has an almost otherworldly feel. A sparse landscape with the ruins of some kind of craft that crashed and rusted. The dog is framed perfectly between the ruins and the image is well balanced.

Keri Nakahashi | Keri Nakahashi Photography

When looking at this dog framed by the tent AND the chair, there's nothing you can do except wish you were right there on the beach too. It's vibrant, tropical and has a really great emotive quality.

Kim Hollis | BARKography

The dog has a gorgeous expression framed within the car window. The vintage tones really work with the style of the shot, location and the car.

Lisbeth Ganer | LisGanerArt

How many frames do you want? All of them! Perfect composition, the dog looks great and the black fur has plenty of texture.

Marika Moffitt | Soul Dog Creative (Dirtie Dog Photography)

Here's a dog that is perfectly suited to their surroundings. A stunning colour pallette, great expression and a wonderful natural frame.

Megan Thompson | Megan Thompson Photography

There's more than just framing at play here and the diagonal lines from the wooden structure are humorously broken by the long pointed nose of this dog looking statuesque between them.

Nicole Moyer | Sweet Ellie Photography

A beautifully framed image that really fits the brief. Soft subtle colours and lovely backlight add to the magic, the rounds of iron in the top corners add another level of framing to the composition.

Emerge is the second series in our Unleashed Challenge courses and is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months. It’s open to anyone who has completed our first course in the series, Embark.

So much more than just a challenge, the Unleashed Challenges are an invaluable educational resource that will help you build up a go-to list of shots to help create variety in your work. Designed for anyone to be able to complete whether you just want to photograph your own dog or you are a professional pet photographer.

If you'd like to know more head over here to register your interest and we'll send you all the details when enrolment for Embark next opens in 2022.

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