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2023 Emerge Award Winners

emerge awards unleashed challenges Aug 30, 2023
Emerge Awards 2023 Winners

Today we wrapped up the last 6 months of Emerge, part of our Unleashed Challenge series of course with the awards ceremony, live on Zoom and streamed to the Unleashed Education Facebook group.

This is where we announced all 12 of the individual challenge winners, and the overall 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners for the whole challenge.

What an inspiring group of creatives we had participating in Emerge, if you've been keeping your eyes on the top 10 blog posts, you will no doubt have loved the images as much as we did.

The following are the images from our winners.

01 Framed

Winner: Anna Dernsjö | Anna Karin Dernsjö Photography

02 Spaced Out

Winner: Nadia Hall | Barking Dog Images

03 Highs and Lows

Winner: Helen Green | Helen Green Photography

04 Under Cover

Winner: Nancy Paynter

05 Pantastic

Winner: Iris Van Velzen | Iris Van Velzen Fotografie

06 All In The Details

Winner: Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits by Nicole

07 Silhouetto 

Winner: Sarah Jones | Mucky Pup Photography

08 Slow Motion

Winner: Allison Schwickerath | Allison Mae Photography

09 Mirror Image

Winner: Pine McCabe | Pine and Eclipse Photography 

10 Double Trouble

Winner: Courtney Bryson | CM Bryson Photography

11 Bokehlicious

Winner: Pauliina Saarinen |  Pauliina Saarinen Photography

12 Shake!

Winner: Nicole Hrustyk | Pawtraits by Nicole

Overall Winners

3rd Place

Allison Schwickerath | Allison Mae Photography

2nd Place

Nancy Paynter

1st Place 

Chantal Levesque | Chantal Levesque Photo

Congratulations to all our winners, all the challengers who received highly commended portfolios, and to those who completed all 12 challenges too!

What is Emerge and the Unleashed Challenges?

Emerge is the second series in our Unleashed Challenge courses and is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months. It’s open to anyone who has completed our first course in the series, Embark.

So much more than just a challenge, the Unleashed Challenges are an invaluable educational resource that will help you build up a go-to list of shots to help create variety in your work. Designed for anyone to be able to complete whether you just want to photograph your own dog or you are a professional pet photographer.

If you'd like to know more head over here to register your interest and we'll send you all the details when enrolment for Embark next opens in 2024.

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