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Editing Quick Tip - Content-Aware Fill Magic in Photoshop

free editing tutorials Sep 25, 2019

By Charlotte Reeves

🔇This video does not have sound.

Adobe Photoshop's awesome Content-Aware Fill feature is nothing short of amazing and in this video, I demonstrate how to get the best results.

I wanted to remove the entire weed from the corner of this image.

The reason I selected the entire weed at once is that Content-Aware works better when you do this, rather than filling multiple smaller sections. When you try to achieve this by making multiple smaller selections, Photoshop tries to fill these with whatever is surrounding, in this case, more pieces of weed!

Making one single selection is the best way to get a clean fill.

I used the Patch Tool here to make the selection of the  weed, but I could have used the Lasso, it really doesn't matter, it's just a way to make the selection.

I built up the selection by holding down Shift (add) or Option (remove) on the keyboard.

It was then just a matter of Fill > Content Aware. And the weed was gone, just like that! A bit of cleaning up required but nothing major.

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