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Editing Toolbox: Creating a Matte-look Image Using Gradient Maps

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Apr 01, 2022

By Charlotte Reeves

I've been asked a lot lately what the "matt-look" editing style is and how to achieve it, so here's a quick video showing my preferred method for creating this looks-like-film, low constrast feel in Photoshop using a Gradient Map. It takes less than a minute to do, and completely transforms the look of your image!

(Plus, you get 6+ minutes of looking at Enzo puppy cuteness.) 🐶. 

This is quick and effective technique you definitely need to add to your editing toolbox!

If you'd like to share your matte-look edit with me, I'd love for you to join our group on Facebook and post it there! Please request to join here.

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