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Embark Composition 101 Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Jun 22, 2023
Composition 101 Top 10 June 2023

Challenge number 3 of Embark, Composition 101 is all about centered compositions.

Centering feels very natural and is probably one of the first things you tried when you picked up your camera. After all, the focus point on your camera by default is usually smack bang in the middle, right?

Once you learn to move the focus points around and expand your compositional repertoire, centered composition may seem overly simplistic. However, it does have its place. Centering can be used to create a sense of calmness, stillness and serenity. It can also work hand in hand with another compositional element, symmetry.

But however far along you are in your photographic journey, centering your composition is still worth considering. Centering can result in beautifully balanced, impactful images that are pleasing to the eye.

We had a fantastic set of submissions for this challenge and we're very excited to reveal here the top 10 images. Huge congratulations on the fantastic work go to our photographers.

Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Amanda Lewis | Amanda Lewis Photography

Excellent use of wide-angle to add character and give a sense of the location. All while maintaining balance in these centered compositions.

Debora Stacker 

A fantastically engaging expression, wonderful colour palette, and lovely symmetry.

Florence Araujo | Peanut & Bean Photo

Great framing and balance. There's so much personality shining through in both dogs. Beautifully centered composition.

Ginger Wick | Ginger Wick Photography

Beautiful posing gives this image a real balance and the centering is placed well through the centre of the dog.

Jennifer Mckinnon

The beautiful colour palette, light and posing of the dog make this a simple but very effective centered image.

Jo Miller | TwoJo's Photography

The tones in this are gorgeous, it's well balanced and centered and the dog has bags of personality shining through.

Kendra Stautz | Wild Woof Photography

This is so fun and whimsical, the expression is fabulous, the ice cream mustache is so fun. Plus it's well balanced and precisely centered fitting the challenge brief perfectly.

Shandess Griffin | Shand and Your Dogs Photography

Framing, centering, balance and symmetry. Combined with a perfectly posed pooch, just what the Composition 101 challenge is all about.

Taneya Hayden | Taneya Hayden Photography

This is fun and quirky, the dog's expression is great and it's very well centered.

Teran Buckner | Phido Photography

Perfectly centered, the tongue and tail balance each other, and a lovely colour palette of browns and greens.

Embark is made up of 12 challenges over 6 months and is the first interactive course in the Unleashed Challenges series.

Much more than just a challenge, Embark is an invaluable educational resource that will help you build up a go-to list of shots to help create variety in your work. Designed for anyone to be able to complete whether you just want to photograph your own dog or you are a professional pet photographer.

If you'd like to know more head over here to register your interest and we'll send you all the details when enrollment next opens in April 2024.

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