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City Slicker Top 10

embark round top 10 unleashed challenges Aug 10, 2021
City Slicker Top 10

As we have come to expect from our Unleashed Challengers, we had another incredible set of images submitted for the City Slicker Challenge. For this one, we armed our challengers with the knowledge they needed to make the most of photographing their chosen models in an urban environment.

These are our top 10 images (in no particular order) from the challenge. Well done everyone for creating such epic images, we've loved seeing the variety of locations from all around the world this time!

Charlotte & Craig 📸 🐶 ✨

Jennifer Patterson

This dog is about to have the time of its life! Sitting on the suitcase outside the neon-lit city behind is a really nice touch and adds an extra element of storytelling. It's a really well lit and exposed nighttime urban scene.

Blue Amrich | Beyond the Fence

There's a really beautiful warm light in this shot, a great city skyline and the dog is in a really interesting pose.

Bridget Davey | Bridget Davey Photography

This is a great urban setting and the dogs seem right at home in their surroundings. Great angle and colours.

Cindy J Mayes

This is a really different take on the urban theme. The natural light is beautiful here and the artificial light from the lamp and the sparkles of light reflected in the window really add a little bit of extra magic.

Florence Araujo | Peanut & Bean Photo

There is a very classical feeling in this shot of older looking architecture. The colour palette is lovely and the symmetry throughout the image, except the ears, is wonderful.

Karen Black | Indigo Pet Photography

This has a great urban feel, the location has been used really well with the dog peeking through the columns and the curve at the bottom draws your eye nicely through the image.

Karen Havenaar | Pr1mo Fotografie

There's a great posing of the dog here, a lovely expression and it's well framed in the archway of the building behind.

Kelly Pettitt

This dog with its long slender appearance typical of the breed feels at home in this location, perfectly fitting between the two modern angled structures. 

Lisbeth Garner | Lisbeth Garner Photography

Lovely cobbled street where the dogs colour matches the surroundings. Great action catching the treat photographed in the perfect moment.

Sarah Jones | Mucky Pup Photography

This is a great spot, the focus falling off along the pillars until it reaches the right of the image where there's a soft warm sun flare is beautiful. The dog fits really nicely into the scene making it a great urban shot.

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