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Editing Toolbox: Changing the Colour of an Object in Lightroom

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Apr 21, 2023

By Charlotte Reeves

Good use of colour is so important to the success of an image! To celebrate Craig's new course - Unleashing the Power of Colour for Pet Photographers - this Editing Toolbox episode is dedicated to improving the colour harmony of an image by reducing the colour palette. In this example, that means changing the colour of something in the image that doesn't fit into the colour scheme - like this purple toy! 😈

This image has a beautiful natural complimentary colour scheme of oranges and blues, but that purple toy just doesn't fit. Luckily, it's a super quick and easy fix using a mask in Lightroom.

In this video, we'll also chat about situations where it's really important to do this kind of fix, but also times when it just doesn't make sense to do.

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