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Editing Toolbox: Awesome Subject Selection with One Setting

editing toolbox free editing tutorials Dec 02, 2022

By Charlotte Reeves

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could click one button in Photoshop and quickly have a very usable, very accurate subject selection you can work with straight away?

Subject selection has actually been around in Photoshop for a while now, but until this point, it's not been very accurate - which makes it not very useful when trying to select and mask furry creatures like the pets we photograph! You usually have to go into the Select and Mask workspace to further refine the edge - which takes time.

Fortunately, there's recently been an update to Photoshop's subject selection, and it's a good one! There's just one setting you need to change in your preferences to get a MUCH improved subject selection, quickly and easily, every time.

Plus, I also share a bonus tip to make this process even faster for you!


0:00 Introduction

1:10 The One Setting You Need To Change

1:58 Using the Device Mode

3:01 Using the Cloud Mode

3:58 Comparison

4:40 Creating a Keyboard Shortcut

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