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Embark Party Time Top 10

embark top 10 unleashed challenges Apr 23, 2022
Party Time Top 10 April 2022

It's time to party! Our fun-loving furry friends spent so much of their time engaging in play. Most dogs are always up for a game and capturing these candid moments of pure joy in your photos can be challenging, but rewarding.

Dogs at play are the best entertainment. Fun-loving cheeky and mischievous, the best moments often happen when you're least expecting it.

So for our final Embark challenge, that's exactly what we wanted to see. As usual, we were not disappointed!

So here is our final top 10 of the series, huge congratulations to our photographers.

- Charlotte & Craig 🐶 📸 ✨

Katy Robertson

There's so much humour in a dog's shake that we never fully understand until we see the moment frozen in time.

Perfectly timed, lovely and sharp, great low angle and light. This dog knows how to party!

Karen Dillabough | Karen Dillabough Photography

This has so much energy. The dogs are so engaged in play and have great expressions. Excellent composition and the snow looks so clean and white.

Angela Schneider | Big White Dog Photography

Now this is outside the box thinking for the Party Time brief. Really excellent attention to detail on the edit, great work!

Bronwyn Brown

You can hear the snap as this dog joyfully munches this carrot. It might not be everyone's ideal party snack, but the look on that face is one of sheer joy!

Hope Kuo

The focus and determination on this dog's face right before it dives for the toy is incredible. The location and light are great and help focus your eye fully on the party.

Julie Addison | Look Back and Smile

A beautifully captured pose that almost feels as if the dog becomes the ridgeline of the distant hills.

A great moment of play and really nice colour palette.

Megan Purtell | Megan Purtell Photography

What a party! Wonderful balance between the outstretched paw and tail and the little tooth looks like it's a second away from popping those balloons!

Nancy Paynter

These expressions! What a fantastic moment beautifully captured. The mirroring of their body positions, tones and stormy feeling environment all contribute to the success of this.

Pauliina Saarinen | Pauliina Saarinen Photography

Everything about this pulls your eye to the face framed by the yellow toy. The dandelions add a lovely touch of extra colour harmony. The tree acts as a stopper on the right to keep you in the moent. An excellent party time shot!

Teresa Rooney 

Someone has been partying hard in the snow! Really lovely composition, great location and the eyes pierce right through showing how serious this dog is about playtime!

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