Unleashing the Power of Colour

for Pet Photographers

By Craig Turner-Bullock

Are you ready to unleash the power of colour in your pet photography?

Then step on up, you're in the right place! 

Hi, Craig here! 👋

I am SO unbelievably excited to bring you this course. You will not BELIEVE the amount of content that is crammed in here, from the basics of the colour wheel and the technical aspects of colour harmony, through the science and psychology of colours and how they can affect the emotional impact of an image, all the way to how we ALL can harness the power of colour in our pet photography to tell the most magical stories of our superstar models.

Whether you're totally new to the concept of seeking out harmonious colours, or have been playing with it for a while, you're guaranteed to find something in this course to get your creative juices flowing. With homework assignments for each module, you'll start practicing shooting with the intent of bringing colour into your images, be they bright and vibrant, or soft and muted tones. 

Are you reddy to find out more about the cyance of colour, and how it affects the hueman experience?! (Did you see what I did there?)

That's quite enough of that nonsense. 🤦 

If you're as excited as I am about using the power of colour to bring your images to life, keep reading!

"My goal for this course is for you to discover the magic of colour, resulting in a really solid understanding of how to apply colour in the best possible way, to help make your pet photography shine."

- Craig

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Explore the modules

There's so much information to cover in this course, I've split it up into four modules so as not to burst your brain!

Module One:
The Power of Colour

We start out just a little bit geeky, learning what colour actually is, how to identify its properties, and diving into some of the rules of colour harmony. Don't worry, I'll walk you through it in a way that's easy to understand!

We end the module with a super fun quiz to see how much information you've absorbed and then there's a homework assignment so you can actually get out there and put some of this new knowledge into practice!

We'll discuss:

  • What colour actually is
  • The three properties of colour
  • The colour wheel
  • Colour harmony rules
  • Colour temperature
  • Colour balance

Module Two:
The Emotion of Colour

There's no doubt that colour can elicit emotions, and even physiological responses in humans and other animals. Have you ever felt a little cold in a blue room? Noticed how red berries attract some animals but indicated danger to others? But it's not just the base colour; it's also the properties of the colour we learnt about in module one that can make a huge difference to our reaction.

We finish off this module with another fun quiz to test your understanding, and more homework to get you out shooting!

We'll discuss:

  • The interactions between colour and human behaviour
  • How we can influence a viewer's emotional response
  • The psychology for each colour group
  • Case studies with examples of how colour influences mood

Module Three:
The Power of Pets and Places

It goes without saying that colour is a powerful storytelling tool both in and out of the studio, but in this module we're focussing on getting out and about, both finding and using the colours we are surrounded by in this incredible world. Whether on an urban adventure, or in a more natural setting, we'll look at ways of identifying and using the colour palette around you for creating really striking results. It will be no surprise that we'll top this all off with yet another quiz, and the penultimate homework assignment.

We'll discuss:

  • How to harness the power of the colour in the environment
  • Location scouting tips
  • Considerations with your pet model's colour
  • The use of props to add colour
  • Safety and handling

Module Four:
The Power of Post Production

Let's get back inside again - it's time to discover how to use post processing to really bring together everything we've already learned, and to make our images sparkle! With full editing examples for colour, monochromatic, AND black and white edits, there's just so much here! Rounding off the four modules, we have one final quiz and homework challenge for you to get your teeth into. Don't forget to share your results in our Facebook communities!

We'll discuss:

  • White balance
  • Colour grading
  • Colour adjustment tools in Lightroom
  • Colour adjustment tools in Photoshop
  • Full editing examples
  • Download RAW files and follow along


  • Learn why you should calibrate your monitor and watch a demo of how to do it with a Spyder
  • Learn about colour spaces for editing and printing
  • Find out how dogs see colour
  • Download an interactive colour wheel and four colour-related PDF cheatsheets
  • We promised bloopers and there are plenty!

"Colour is one of the most powerful tools that a photographer can use. It can completely transform the way we perceive an image. Colour helps bring unity in an image's composition, it can guide our eyes through an image, evoke strong emotional responses and help convey a message."

- Craig

What's included?

  • Lifetime access to the whole Unleashing the Power of Colour for Pet Photographers course
  • More than 30 videos of close-captioned, exclusive video presentations by Craig Turner-Bullock
  • An interactive downloadable Colour Wheel and five PDF resources and cheat sheets
  • Fun quizzes for testing your knowledge and understanding
  • Homework assignments to help you to bring impactful colour choices into your own work
  • Case studies of how colour has been used to impact the story and emotions of the viewer
  • Full editing example videos in Lightroom and Photoshop with downloadable RAW files so you can follow along
  • And interactive colour wheel and four PDF cheatsheets
  • Lifetime updates - whenever the course is refreshed, you will have instant access to those updates at no extra cost
  • And, of course, the obligatory blooper reel! 🤣

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